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Admission Guidance, Till You Get Allotment Order & Beyond!

Save Money

We help you identify medical colleges with debarrment history, high hidden fees, requires bank guarantee, high reallocation fees, security deposit,...

Save Time

Learn counselling Rules, Tips and Tricks spending only 5% of time taken by other parents who learn searching google and watching YouTube videos.

Avoid Stress

Personal Counselor proactively assists you during registration, college selection, choice filling, deadline followup till you get the admission order

Why Choose MBBS Council Guidance

  • Provide Guidance for the past 4 years
  • Helped more than 1 Lakh+ students, parents and doctors
  • 10000+ MBBSCouncil users got allotment during NEET 2021 counselling.
  • Covers 20+ State counselling to lower your fees.

Note: Any counselling mistake during MBBS Admission may either cost money or time and sometimes medical career.

Want us to mentor you during NEET 2022 counselling to get best medical college for your NEET score

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We provide counselling guidance to medical aspirants through mbbscouncil.com website, MBBSCouncil mobile app, e-books, video courses by having dedicated counselor for each state counselling.

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Three Levels of Counselling Guidance

Pick any one of these based on your time, effort and money. You Pay 70% of price now and pay the remaining after getting the allotment order.

Do It Yourself

Self Learning: Time+++, Effort+++, Money+

Learn from our counselling ebooks and analyze college quality and predict cut off yourself.

Video Course : Yes
College Analysis : No
College Prediction : No
Choice Filling : No
Zoom Sessions : No
Doubt Clarification: No
Virtual Assistance : No

Rs 1799 Rs 2500

Do It With Us

Mentoring : Time++, Effort++, Money++

Learn from our lectures and clarify your doubts on Zoom sessions.

Video Course: Yes
College Analysis : Yes
College Prediction : Yes
Choice Filling : No
Zoom Sessions : Yes
Doubt Clarification: Whatsapp
Virtual Assistance : No

Rs 9996 Rs 15000

We Do It For You

Counsulting : Time+, Effort+, Money+++

Assistance for Registration, choice filling, deadline followup till you get admission order.

Video Course: Yes
College Analysis : Yes
College Prediction : Yes
Choice Filling : Yes
Zoom Sessions : Yes
Doubt Clarification: Phone
Virtual Assistance : Yes

Rs 19996 Rs 30000

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Explore Student/Parent Experience


Great Service. MBBSCouncil team gave extensive support and guidance till the end of admission. One on One session with counselor was very helpful for us during the college selection. One stop service for all your counselling needs.

Mr.Sridhar - Parent
PSG Medical College


Information helped me a lot while giving options during allotment. Whenever I had a doubt regarding the allotment the faculty were a text away. They even held zoom calls to clear common doubts. MBBSCouncil helped me achieve what I am today..

Mr.Anirudhan - Parent
Malabar Medical College


Your guidance helped us to understand thoroughly the counselling procedures. Otherwise it would have been difficult for us in decision making. Thank you and wishing you to continue your valuable service for the upcoming Medical Aspirants.

Mr.Karthikeyan - Parent
Apollo Inst of Medical Sciences

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