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Category Abbreviations Used In MBBSCouncil App for NEET Cut off

Key to Quota and Reservation Category Abbreviations Used on the MBBSCouncil Android app. When you are using MBBSCouncil app, you need to know these abbreviations in order to effectively use the app for college prediction and ranking.

OPQ Open India Quota (Central Government Institutions – All India Level)
AIQ All India Quota (Government Colleges – All India Level)
SQ State Quota (Government & Private Colleges – State Level)
MNQ Management Quota (Deemed University – All India Level)
MQ Management Quota & Minority Quota (Private Colleges – State Level)
OPN Open Quota (Private Colleges – All India Level)
NRI Non-Resident Indian Quota (Government Colleges & Deemed University – All India & State Level)
AP OC Open Category
AP SC Schedule Caste
AP ST Schedule Tribe
AP MNG-MM Muslim Minority
AP EWS Economically Weaker Section
AS STP Schedule Tribe Plain Area
AS STH Schedule Tribe Hilly Area
AS SC Schedule Caste
AS OBC Other Backward Class
AS MK Motak Category
AS MN Moran Category
AS SPO Sports
AS PH Person With Disability
AS TGL Tea Garden Labour
AS FF Freedom Fighter
AS EV Extremist Violence Category
AS ES Ex-serviceman/Serving Defence Personnel Category
AS EWS Economically Weaker Section
AS CA Char Area Category
BH BC Backward Class
BH EBC Extremely Backward Caste
BH RCG Reservation Category Girls
BH SC Schedule Caste
BH ST Schedule Tribe
BH UR Unreserved
BH DQ Disabled Quota
BH SM Sikh Minority
BH MM Muslim Minority
BH EWS Economically Weaker Section
CH OBC Other Backward Class
CH OBC-Female Other Backward Class Female
CH ST-Female Scheduled Tribe Female
CH ST Scheduled Tribe
CH UR-Female Unreserved Female
CH UR Unreserved
CH SC Scheduled Caste
CH SC-Female Scheduled Caste Female
CH UR-S General Armed Forces
CH UR-NC General – No Class
CH EWS Economically Weaker Section
CH UR-FF Freedom Fighter
DL GN General Category
DL OBC Other Backward Class
DL SC Schedule Caste
DL ST Schedule Tribe
DL CW-EWS Central Window – EWS
DL CW-GN Central Window – General
DL CW-OBC Central Window – OBC
DL CW-SC Central Window – SC
DL CW-ST Central Window – ST
DL MM Muslim Minority
DL EWS Economically Weaker Section
GJ GN General Category
GJ SC Schedule Caste
GJ SEBC Socially and Economically Backward Class
GJ ST Schedule Tribe
GJ EWS Economically Weaker Section
HR BCA Backward Class A Category
HR BCB Backward Class B Category
HR GN General Category
HR SC Schedule Caste
HR ESM Ex-Service Men
HR FF Freedom Fighter
HR PH Physically Handicapped
HR EWS Economically Weaker Section
JH GN General Category
JH SC Scheduled Caste
JH ST Scheduled Tribe
JH BC-I Backward Class Category – I
JH BC-II Backward Class Category – II
JH EWS Economically Weaker Section
KA 1G OBC – Category 1
KA 2AG OBC – Category 2A
KA 2BG OBC – Category 2B
KA 3AG OBC – Category 3A
KA 3BG OBC – Category 3B
KA GM General Merit
KA SCG Schedule Caste
KA STG Scheduled Tribe
KA DEF Defence Category
KA GMP General Merit Private
KA JK Jammu and Kashmiri migrants
KA MA Minority Lingustic Tamil
KA MC Minority Christian
KA ME Minority Lingustic Telugu
KA MK Minority Lingustic Kodava
KA MM Minority Muslim
KA MU Minority Lingustic Tulu
KA NCC National Cadet Corps
KA PH Physically Handicapped
KA S-G Scouts and Guides
KA SPO Sports Quota
KA XD Ex-Defence
KL MU Muslim Category
KL BH Backward Hindu
KL BX Backward Christian
KL DV Dheevara Related
KL EZ Ezhava
KL KN Kusavan related communities
KL KU Kudumbi
KL LA Latin Catholic and Anglo Indian
KL SC Schedule Caste
KL ST Schedule Tribe
KL SM State Merit
KL VK Viswakarma Related
KL AC Christian Minority
KL DA Degree/Diploma – Ayurveda
KL DH Degree/Diploma – Homoeopathy
KL DK Son / Daughter of Defence Killed
KL PH Physically Handicapped
KL SD Son / Daughter of Serving Defence Personnel
KL XS Son / Daughter of Ex-Serviceman
KL EWS Economically Weaker Sections
MH COMN General Category Common
MH OBC Other Backward Class
MH SC Schedule Caste
MH SEBC Socially and Economically Backward Class
MH ST Schedule Tribe
MH VJ Vimukta Jati
MH D1 Defence Category-1
MH D2 Defence Category-2
MH D3 Defence Category-3
MH EWS Economically Weaker Sections
MH MKB Maharashtra Karnataka Border
MH NT1 Nomadic Tribes – Category 1
MH NT2 Nomadic Tribes – Category 2
MH NT3 Nomadic Tribes – Category 3
MH MINO Minority Quota
MH IQ Institutional Quota
MP OBC Other Backward Class
MP SC Schedule Caste
MP ST Schedule Tribe
MP UR Unreserved
MP EWS Economically Weaker Section
OR SC Schedule Caste
OR ST Schedule Tribe
OR UR Unreserved
OR ES Ex-Servicemen
OR GC Children of Green Card Holders
OR PC-1 Physically Challenged Category-1
OR PC-2 Physically Challenged Category-2
OR EWS Economically Weaker Section
PB BA Backward Area
PB BC Backward Class
PB GN General Category
PB BR Border Area
PB TA Children/GrandChildren of Terrorist Attack
PB SR Children/GrandChildren of Sikh Riot
PB WD Wards of disabled in service
PB WA Wards of Ex-Servicemen with Awards
PB WA-1 Paramvir Chakra 26.1
PB WA-2 Ashok Chakra 26.2
PB WA-3 Maha vir Chakra 26.3
PB WA-4 Kirti Chakra 26.4
PB WA-5 Vir Chakra 26.5
PB WA-6 Shaurya Chakra 26.6
PB WA-7 Sena, Nau Sena, Vayu Sena Medal 26.7
PB WA-8 Mention- in- Despatches 26.8
PB SPO Sports Person 17
PB WX Wards of Ex-Servicemen 27
PB WP Wards of Punjab Police Personnel, Punjab Armed Police, Punjab Home Guards, and Para-
Military Forces
PB WP-1 Killed in action 31
PB WP-2 Disabled in action to the extent of 50% 32
PB WP-3 Winners of Police Medal 33
PB FF Children / grandchildren of Freedom Fighter 34
PB JK Jammu and Kashmir Migrants
PB EWS Economically Weaker Section
PY BCM Backward Class Muslim
PY EBC Extreme Backward Classes
PY GN General Category
PY MBC Most Backward Class
PY BT Backward Tribes
PY OBC Other Backward Class
PY EWS Economically Weaker Section
PY GN-K General Category-Karaikal
PY GN-Y General Category-Yanam
PY GN-M General Category-Mahe
PY GN-MSP Sports Category
PY GN-FF Freedom Fighter
PY GN-EX Wards of Ex-Servicemen
RJ GN-B General Category Boy
RJ GN-G General Category Girl
RJ MBC-B Most Backward Class Boy
RJ MBC-G Most Backward Class Girl
RJ OBC-B Other Backward Class Boy
RJ OBC-G Other Backward Class Girl
RJ SA-B Schedule Tribal Area Boy
RJ SA-G Schedule Tribal Area Girl
RJ SC-B Schedule Caste Boy
RJ SC-G Schedule Caste Girl
RJ ST-B Schedule Tribe Boy
RJ ST-G Schedule Tribe Girl
RJ EWS-G Economically Weaker Section Girl
RJ EWS-B Economically Weaker Section Boy
TA BCA OBC- Category A
TA BCB OBC- Category B
TA BCC OBC- Category C
TA BCD OBC- Category D
TA BCE OBC- Category E
TA OC Open Category
TA SC Schedule Caste
TA ST Schedule Tribe
TA MM Muslim Minority
TA MNG-MM Muslim Minority
TA EWS Economically Weaker Sections
TN BC Backward Class
TN BCM Backward Class Muslim
TN MBC Most Backward Class
TN OC Open Category
TN SC Schedule Caste
TN SCA Scheduled Caste Arunthathiar
TN ST Schedule Tribe
TN MNG-MM Malayam Minority
TN MNG-TM Telugu Minority
UP BC-G Backward Class Girl
UP BC Backward Class
UP SC-G Schedule Caste Girl
UP SC Schedule Caste
UP ST-G Schedule Tribe Girl
UP ST Schedule Tribe
UP UR-G Unreserved Girl
UP UR Unreserved
UP EWS-G Economically Weaker Section Girl
UP EWS Economically Weaker Section
WB BCA Backward Class A Category
WB BCB Backward Class B Category
WB GN General Category
WB SC Schedule Caste
WB ST Schedule Tribe
WB EWS Economically Weaker Section

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