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Rank Predictor
  • When the NEET exam is over, you have a rough score in your mind.
  • Predicting your chances using your score gives you the less chance.
  • Instead of using the NEET Score, you can use the All India Rank.
  • You can get the All India Rank for your score based on last year's trend.
  • Plus State Rank / Community Rank based on both previous and current year.
  • Install MBBSCouncil App and check them under Tools section.
College Predictor
  • Predicting your chances can be so easy,if you use the right tool (i.e your NEET Score / AIR / SR / CR ) to do that.
  • If we use the NEET Score, the accuracy will be less, because the chances of having a same score is higher.
  • All India Rank is unique, that's right. But, the sequence of rank may not occur in the same state.
  • Using State Rank and Community Rank will be better than other two, as they will be confined to particular state/ community.
  • You can predict your chances using all of the above using the Predictor menu inside the MBBSCouncil App.
# Predictor + Cutoff
All India Quota Counselling
State Government Quota Counselling
State Managment Quota Counselling
State Open Quota Counselling
NRI Counselling
College Ranking
  • If we don't know the order of colleges to give for choice filling.
  • Even if we have a better of chance getting a good college, we may get a least one.
  • Considering the number of PG, SS Courses, Average Patients, Total Beds in their hospital.
  • It's better to choose a 5 year older private medical college, than new AIIMS.
  • You can check the Ranker section of MBBSCouncil App to know the quality of all medical colleges.
# Choice Filling List
All India Quota Government Colleges Choice Filling List
All India Quota Deemed Universitites Choice Filling List
State Quota Choice Filling List
State Quota Management Choice Filling List
Other State Open Private Management + NRI Choice Filling List
Counselling Guides
  • Knowing counselling procedure, is the first most important thing than other things.
  • Because, even if we have scored well, known how to give preference for colleges.
  • If we don't know the things which is between from registration to allotment.
  • We might not be able to participate in the counselling itself.
  • For example, some states require document verification prior to allotment, some states call us post allotment.
  • Install MBBSCouncil App to get all states step by step procedure guide.
  • (or)
  • Click here, to get browse counselling guides separatlely.
Doubt Clarification
  • It's always good to consult with someone, if we are making a decision.
  • MBBSCouncil has dedicated state counsellors with 4 years of experience.
  • You can install the MBBSCouncil App chat with them through Whats App.
  • Incase, you need personlized session you can have direct phone Call as well as in Zoom app.
Counselling Events
  • Here comes the final step of the counselling period, the followup.
  • We know that not all states start their counselling at the same time.
  • Some have offline counselling, some have online counselling.
  • Some have single window counselling, some have multi window counselling.
  • Eventhough MCC have notified the states to follow the flow of counselling.
  • The states couldn't conduct counselling on time because of various reasons like above.
  • You can check the Updates menu of MBBSCouncil App to check all counselling updates
# States UG PG SS
All India Quota Counselling
Andaman and Nicobar Island
Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
Diu and Daman
Himachal Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
state is not fully outsourcing counselling data, so data availablity is subject to the counselling authority.

We Provide Counselling Guidance

  • We provide counselling guidance to medical aspirants through website, mobile app, e-books, video courses and by having dedicated counselor for each state counselling.
  • 1.50 Lakh+ Parents and Doctors trust MBBSCouncil Android App tools for NEET Counselling to avoid any mistake and to pick the best medical college for their NEET Rank.
Our Customers

Great Service. MBBSCouncil team gave extensive support and guidance till the end of admission. One on One session with counselor was very helpful for us during the college selection. One stop service for all your counselling needs.

Your guidance helped us to understand thoroughly the counselling procedures. Otherwise it would have been difficult for us in decision making. Thank you and wishing you to continue your valuable service for the upcoming Medical Aspirants.

Information helped me a lot while giving options during allotment. Whenever I had a doubt regarding the allotment the faculty were a text away. They even held zoom calls to clear common doubts. MBBSCouncil helped me achieve what I am today.