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Seven Simplified Steps for MBBS Admission Through Government Counselling

After NEET Exam, many students and parents struggle to learn NEET counselling process within the short span of time available.

Even though basics of NEET counselling can be learned by watching random YouTube videos created by marketers, it is tough to learn the counselling analysis, tips and tricks.

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of information available and don’t know where to start, you can use this seven step NEET counselling process to get the best medical college within your budget for your NEET Score.

Step 1 – Find Tuition Fees

If you are planning to set your career in medical, right after the NEET examination, first you have to know how much money you are going to spend for this. For that, first you need to predict which Quota you are going to get, because depending upon the quota which are going to get decides the amount you are going to pay. Because you can study medical even for Rs. 1,200 /year and the same for Rs. 60,00,000/year.

Step 2 – Find Colleges You Have Chance To Get

The next big doubt is which college you are going to get. Because , as per 2021 counselling, there are close to 610 colleges in India offering MBBS course and also they come under different types.

Meaning that, they have different fees structure and different eligibility criteria . So its important to know, which are the colleges you may have chance to get into.

Lets move on to third step.

Step 3 – College Choice Preference

Now you have a list of colleges. but we need to prefer which one is the best among them. Because one college might have started last year (there will be less experienced faculty and less utilised infrastructure), another one might not have any Post Graduate courses (no seniors to guide us) and etc.

So it is important to know, which college we should give as first and which college we should give at last. Because, we going to spend almost 5.5 years in that.
Lets move on to fourth step.

Step 4 – Get Important College Details

So far we came to know, how much money we are going to spend, in what are the colleges we may have the chance, in what order we should prefer them.

Now we have to know more details about each and every college like with whom they are affiliated, how its campus structure, where it is located, its contact number and etc.

Step 5 – Learn Counselling

Here it is the important step. Now you need to know the counseling process for the colleges which you have chosen so far. Because, as we seen before they are different type of colleges.

So we have to register in various websites for admission and also we have to check our eligibility. Mere registration is not the end, the counselling happens in multiple rounds.

Even though, we got admission in one college still we can go again for a better college for admission.
Lets move on to sixth step.

Step 6 – Consult with Expert

Even though we have learned the counseling process, and prepared a list of colleges for choice filling. You may have doubts further or may have to cross check your decision.

At that time, you may need a expert in this field such as medical career counsellor, who will assist and guide you. So you have to find the counsellor and not an fake agent (who may ask you more money and makes false promises, says 100% guaranteed admission).

Step 7 – Follow up Counselling

We came to the final stage. We need to follow up various counselling events starting from application filling till admission. Because not all the states schedule their counselling events at the same time/date.

So you need to follow up/ visit daily for more 2 or more websites depending upon you wish.
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You can reach me for MBBS/NEET PG Admission consulting by using dial button available on the home screen of MBBSCouncil App.

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