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How to Predict Medical College For Your NEET Rank Accurately

Every year, more than 80% of the MBBS admission counselling queries asked were related to last year cut off for particular college type, quota, reservation category, etc. Before the NEET result, everyone wants to know last year cut off score and after the results are out, they need predictions based on the current year performance of the NEET candidates.

In this article, I will tell you the how MBBSCouncil predicts Medical College For Your NEET Rank accurately and using that, how you can predict with best accuracy which medical college you have chance to get for your NEET Rank.

Install MBBSCouncil android app. it contains everything you need to know to predict and rank medical colleges. This will help you avoid choice filling mistakes while picking the best medical college for your NEET rank.

1. Why You Need To Predict Medical Colleges

1. 1 To Know Medical College Type and Quota

Before getting into prediction, lets discuss why one wants to predict. The first thing every NEET aspirant wants to know is what type of medical college they have possibility to get. Medical College type determines the tuition fees and other expenses apart from education quality and other facilities. Medical College Types are Central govt medical colleges, State government medical colleges, Government aided medical colleges, Private Medical Colleges, Minority Private Medical Colleges, Deemed University Medical Colleges.

If there is no possibility to get into Government Medical Colleges, they want to know their chance for state quota in private colleges which come with subsidized tuition fees, if not then they check possibility for management quota in private colleges if they can afford tuition fees. If they are keen on the quality of medical education rather than the cost, then they check possibility for management quota in deemed university medical colleges.

1. 2 To Know Medical College Quality Where They Have Possibility for Choice Filling

Another big reason why parent wants to predict colleges is because they need to find quality of medical colleges for which they have chance to get rather than all medical colleges. If one participates in all India Quota, they need to know information about more than 250 government medical colleges to come up with the choice filling order.

Details like age of the college, total PG courses conducted, patients/day, total beds in the hospital will help students to know about the quality of medical college. If you do any mistake during choice filling, you may end up studying in lower quality medical college than what you deserve and sometime you will lose few years in your medical career?. For example, If you choose Haryana government medical colleges through all India counselling, you may end up paying 40 lakhs as penalty or serve Haryana government compulsorily for 7 years before proceeding to PG course.

1. 3 Save Time and Effort

In order to collect all these details, you may have to visit websites of ministry of health and family welfare, national medical commission, mci, mcc, official state counselling websites and college websites and organize them in order to analyze and rank the quality of medical colleges and to find last year closing ranks or marks. By installing MBBSCouncil android app and taking paid subscription, you can save that effort and time. If you are student and want to save money, you can collect the cut off and college details and analyze it yourself. I will going to tell you how you can do college prediction in this article.

1. 4 Peace of Mind

Both students and parents want to have peace of mind. Instead of believing some youtuber who makes counselling videos to get more views, they want to hear from experts in the medical counselling field.

2.  Four Methods To Predict Medical College

There are four methods using which you can predict which medical college you have chance to get. They are listed below.

2. 1 NEET Score Cut off Based Prediction

The first is using the last year NEET score cut off for your reservation category. It gives the least accuracy in prediction. Every year question paper difficulty level varies. Moreover performance of NEET candidates also vary every year. As total data set is 15+ lakhs which is the number of candidates appearing for NEET exam, the variation is huge. this makes using last year NEET score to give the least possible accuracy. It helps only to set target score during your preparation. it is not of any use for predicting colleges.

2. 2 NEET All India Closing Rank Based Prediction

Next method is using All India rank for prediction. This gives better accuracy as it eliminates one of the primary factor which is the question paper difficulty level, but it does not eliminate the variation in performance of 15 lakh+ candidates. we can use it to predict colleges for All India Quota as ranks are always directly proportional to the number of MBBS seats and movement of students between various counselling such as all India counselling and state counselling.

2.2.1 All India Closing Rank And NEET Score Cut off Comparison with MBBS Seats

Lets compare previous three year MBBS seats and all India closing rank to see if there is any pattern.

AIIMS Seats AIQ Seats AIR Score
2018 408 2935 10449 536
2019 486 3568 12618 582
2020 806 3986 15038 611

During 2018, AIIMS had 408 General quota MBBS seats and all India quota had 2935 MBBS seats. the closing all India rank was around 10500. corresponding NEET score cut off for 2018 was 538.

During 2019, around 600 MBBS seats increased which is 20% increase, we see similar 20% increase in the all India closing rank as well. but when we see the NEET score cut off, it increased 8% compared to 2018.

During 2020, around 700 MBBS seats increased which is 20% increase, we see around 20% increase in all India closing rank as well but when we see the score cut off the increase is 5% compared to 2019. In-fact during 2021, we are expecting NEET score cut off to come down to 595… a 3% decrease, inspite of 30% general category seat increase for 2021 all India quota counselling. In essence, what we observe is that for All India quota it is better to use last year all India closing rank than NEET score.

2. 3 NEET All India Closing Rank Based Prediction

After state counselling registration and document verification, all states release verified merit list which contains your state rank and reservation category rank. If we use these two ranks, it gives the best possible accuracy for state quota college prediction.


You can see the Kerala state merit list here, you can get your Kerala state rank by searching for your Kerala state counselling application number or by using your all India rank. If you have applied for open management quota MBBS seats in Kerala private medical colleges, then you have to use your Kerala state rank for prediction.

2. 4 NEET State Category Closing Rank Based Prediction

If you are Kerala candidate and belong to any reservation category, then you can use your Kerala category rank during prediction to get the best accuracy. Community rank prediction gives best accuracy because it is the smallest data set and it is directly proportional to the number of state quota MBBS seats available for that particular reservation category.

For all states, the merit list format differs but it will have state rank as well as all India rank or NEET roll number so that you can find your state rank easily. For some states, it is difficult to find category rank and few states like Karnataka it is difficult to find the state rank itself. If you find it difficult to get state rank or category rank for any state, you can contact your counsellor to get your rank if you are on premium subscription.

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3. Which Prediction Method to use

Lets recap when to use which method for prediction. Before NEET exam to set a target, use last year NEET score cut off. After exam, you will get All India rank, use that to predict till state counselling registration starts. after state merit list is released, use state rank and after category merit list is released use the category rank for prediction.

4. Comparing Your Rank With Last Year Closing Rank

Till now we have seen how to get your state rank or category rank. now we will see how to compare your rank with last year closing rank available in MBBSCouncil android app. Visit NEET Cut off menu in the app and click state quota to get list of medical colleges in your state. Select college to get the cut off screen. I have selected Palakkad govt medical college. the cut off screen shows cut off details for your reservation category.

During app registration you would have given the state and reservation category, app uses that information to display the cut off details. I have given backward class Hindu as my reservation category so it display BH. SQ denotes state quota. the last number denotes the counselling round. 1 denotes round-1 counselling and 2 denotes round-2 counselling. AIR denotes All India Closing rank, SR denotes state closing rank and CR denotes state category closing rank.

If my BH category rank is below 86, then I have good chance to get into GMC Palakkad during 2nd round. if my BH category rank is below 63 then i would got it during 1st round itself. Lets say If new government medical colleges get permitted with 100 MBBS seat, then you can find out how many additional seats it will add under 3% BH reservation which is 3 seats. so category rank can go upto 90 for this year and so on.

If you can also check how many BH reservation students have possibility to get into state merit category this year compared to last year, and how many have possibility to get allotment under all India quota compared to last year, both will help you predict the current year category rank more accurately.

You can visit all medical colleges and find out which colleges are within your category rank. You can also use the college predictor facility available in app to get the list of medical colleges you can get for your category rank or state rank or all India rank.

5. MBBSCouncil Contains 20 State Closing Rank and State Category Closing Rank

We have state closing rank and state category closing rank for nearly 20 state counselling in India. They are



Tamil Nadu


Andhra Pradesh



Madhya Pradesh






Uttar Pradesh


Jammu Kashmir

West Bengal





Among these states many have open management quota for which you have to use respective state rank for prediction. When it comes to private colleges, more than the performance… affordability plays key role in determining the closing rank.

6. Which Prediction Method to use for What Quota

Lets quickly recap on which method we should use for what quota. do not use NEET score for any quota.

  1. Use all India rank for all India quota, management quota prediction for deemed university, and NRI quota.
  2. Use state rank for general merit quota, management quota, and open management quota.
  3. When calculating state rank for open management quota, you need to careful in determining the state rank. you have to include Domicile and Non-Domicile students while calculating the state rank for open management quota.
  4. You should use category rank for state quota reservation. some states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh have reservation in management quota seats as well. for those states you can use category rank for prediction.

If you are premium subscription contact your counselor if you need help to get your state rank or community rank. If you do not have subscription, call helpline number.


You can reach me for MBBS/NEET PG Admission consulting by using dial button available on the home screen of MBBSCouncil App.

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