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NEET MCC Counselling Choice Filling Tips and Rules

Three most important things to check before choice filling is education quality, clinical practice, and tuition fees.  Even though it is difficult to analyze and compare quality of all medical colleges during counselling, there are some tricks that you can use to filter out many medical colleges and compare colleges using MBBSCouncil app. The easiest way to come up with choice filling is to use previous year parent’s knowledge and wisdom to come up with your college choices.

Seven Choice Filling Rules You Should Remember

Before moving on to Choice Filling tips, let us first know the seven important MCC college choice filling rules for All India counselling conducted by Medical Counselling Committee.

Rule-1: College Which Is Not In Your Choice List Will Not Be Allotted

First rule is that medical college which is not in your college choice list will not be allotted. You can avoid allotment of medical colleges which you do not like, simply by do not adding these colleges to your choice list.

Many Candidates prefer to drop out and repeat NEET exam next year rather than studying in Management Quota in MBBS, BDS, AYUSH or Para medical courses. They should not enter BDS colleges in their college preference list.

Medical Colleges with high fees colleges, colleges which mandate more than 1 year service bond or very high penalty can be avoided.

Rule-2: Common Preference List For All College Types and Quota

Many students apply for more than one type of college or quota. For example govt colleges and deemed university. In such case, make sure that you place choices in the correct order. If you want to study in good quality deemed university rather than studying in lower ranking or recently started government medical colleges. you should place deemed university colleges before the low ranking govt colleges. Otherwise you will end out getting allotment in lower ranking medical college.

Similarly, if you are have Delhi State domicile, then place Delhi University quota or Indraprastha University quota for Delhi medical colleges before adding other state medical colleges under All India Quota.

Delhi Domicile Candidate order of preference could be as follows

  1. AIIMS Delhi – AIQ
  2. Maulana Azad Medical College – AIQ
  3. Maulana Azad Medical College – DU
  4. Vardaman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital – AIQ
  5. Vardaman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital – IPU
  6. University College of Medical Sciences – AIQ
  7. University College of Medical Sciences – DU
  8. Ram Manohar Lohia Medical College PGIMER – AIQ
  9. Ram Manohar Lohia Medical College PGIMER – IPU
  10. Govt Medical College Chandigarh – AIQ
  11. Other State College-1
  12. Other State College-2

Rule-3: Check Medical College Website For Correct Details

MCC do not take responsibility for the information provided regarding tuition fees/stipend/service bond and penalty mentioned in the mcc website. In fact this year, mcc is not providing key details such as fees, reallocation fees, reimbursement days, stipend. They ask you to refer the college website.

MCC prospectus mentions that there are some government medical colleges which charge high tuition fees. Candidates are requested to refer college website for fees and other relevant information.

It is difficult to go through all medical college websites in short span of time. We have collected that information and updated that in MBBSCouncil Mobile App.

Rule-4: No Choice Modification Allowed After Choice Locking

Do not lock choice early. Wait till the day of choice locking and lock it just before the time ends. Even if you do not lock, the choices will be automatically locked. Once you lock choices, you will not be able to add or order the college choices. After locking time ends, you will be able to download your choice list. Download and keep it so that it will come handy during further round of choice filling.

Rule-5: No Limit on Number of College Choices

There is no limit on the number of choices. Add as many colleges you like. Except the colleges you do not want to join, add all other colleges. you can click top right link to watch my video on how to go about choice filling and get tips related to that.

Rule-6: Fresh Choice Filling For All Rounds of Counselling

Every round you need to fill choices fresh. Before counselling, you will get seat matrix which will contain vacancy seats. Based on the seat matrix and previous round choice list, you can fill the choices again during subsequent round. So make sure that you download the choice list after the choice locking of first round.

Rule-7: Always Use Desktop/Laptop when accessing MCC Website

Use only Desktop or laptop for choice filling. the user interface do not work good on the mobile screen.

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Choice Filling Tips/Tricks

There are little more than 320 government medical colleges in India. It takes minimum 3 months to analyze these colleges and come up with choice filling for MCC. It is not possible to analyze these 320 colleges within the MCC counselling time. Lets talk about the how to reduce our effort of comparing the quality of education quality, clinical exposure and tuition fees for all medical colleges.

College Preference Ranking For All Medical Colleges in India

If you are on platinum level subscription of MBBSCouncil Android app. You can see the ranking of all medical colleges by clicking the college ranking menu. You can get the all india preference rank for all government medical colleges. You can also filter colleges based on your state.

This rank is given based on how parents preferred a particular medical college. AIIMS Delhi is the most preferred medical college in India. Medical Colleges with last closing rank is least preferred by candidates/parent. Last year it was Assam medical colleges because of 5 years bond and few high fees government medical colleges like Raja Muthiah Medical Colleges which charges more than 4 lakhs/year fees. Even though this year, Raja Muthiah Medical College Tuition Fees is reduced to Rs 13610/year. Many colleges charge more than 1 lakh/year tuition fees. So, if your budget is below that avoid those medical colleges in your choice list.

All AIIMS Colleges Are Not Same

You can see the college list based on All India preference rank below. AIIMS Delhi is not followed by other AIIMS or JIPMER, instead last year parents choose Delhi Government medical colleges.

You will get the complete ranking for all govt medical colleges in MBBSCouncil App except the newly permitted medical colleges as there were no previous year allotment data for them.

If you Click, govt college fees as criteria for ranking from the college ranking menu, then you would have got the below screen which tells the tuition fees for all medical college in the increasing order.

MGM Jamshedpur stands at rank 54 and charges Rs 9130/year as tuition fees, You can see that tuition increasing with the rank.

Choice filling order varies from candidate to candidate

Student from Karnataka will prefer to study in Karnataka medical colleges rather than picking college from Uttar Pradesh. So he will place Karnataka Colleges at the top and fill Uttar Pradesh at the bottom or completely leave them from the list, if he/she does not want to study in Uttar Pradesh colleges.

Even though all AIIMS comes under Institute of National Importance, all AIIMS are not considered equal. More than half of the AIIMS colleges started recently, which means inexperienced faculties, poor facilities, low patient flow, etc so parents avoid them and pick well established colleges which are more at least 8 years old. These colleges will have passed out medical students and few PG residents. This will help them get guidance from seniors and residents for MBBS as well as PG preparation.

After old AIIMS and JIPMER Puducherry, Delhi medical colleges followed by Chandigarh, Banaras Hindu university and Aligarh Muslim university should be preferred because there is no service bond and they all internal NEET PG quota. After that you need put your state top medical colleges. you can use the state rank menu from the college ranking screen to get that list.

After that you can add newly permitted AIIMS colleges if you are looking for the AIIMS brand in your resume. Depending on whether you have plans for USMLE, NEET PG Coaching, you can put top colleges in nearby states. After that add rest of the medical colleges from your state. If your Rank is higher, then add left out nearby state medical colleges in your list. If you want afford only govt colleges and comfortable to serve the state government for few years before moving to PG then you can choose high fees medical colleges as well as colleges with more than 1 year service bond or high penalty like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.

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