Help medical aspirants by providing coaching practice and counselling guidance to become a doctor.

Doctor Dreams Training Academy was started in 2017 to help parents and students who have passion to become a doctor. We provide end to end services starting from NEET, Entrance Exam coaching till you get Medical License to practice as a doctor.

Doctor Dreams Training Academy provides National Entrance and Eligibility Test (NEET) examination coaching practice (NEETLab), MBBS Admission counselling Guidance (MBBSCouncil) and National Exit Test (NEXT) examination coaching practice.


Topicwise MCQ Practice for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Previous Year NEET Questions, Mock Tests


MBBS Admission Counselling Guidance for AIQ, State Quota for Govt and Private colleges


MCQ Practice for National Exit Test, a licensure exam and NEET PG entrance exam for doctors.

The Beginning – First Year 2017-2018

Doctor Dreams Training Academy was started in the year 2017 initially with http://neetlab.com website hosting previous year NEET Questions, Mock Tests and Topicwise Tests. During the first year, it helped 6000 students to practice NEET MCQs. Nearly 60 students have completed all 10000+ MCQs by answering them correctly.

During the first year of operations, our MBBS Admission counsellors have guided more than 10000+ students for All India Counselling and State counselling for Tamilnadu through youtube.

Year – 2019

Features such as Mnemonics, Flash Cards, Videos are added to NEET Coaching App to improve the NEET score of the students who are preparing with NEETLab app. During 2019, NEETLab android app has helped more than 13000 students from all over India to practice NEET MCQs for the exam.

During 2019, our MBBS Admission counsellors have guided more than 9000 students for All India Counselling and State counselling for Tamilnadu. The primary support channel was Whatsapp. The maximum whatsapp request we received was little more than 1200/day on the NEET result day.

Year – 2020

Information Services: MBBSCouncil Android App is developed to provide MBBS Counselling details such as NEET score cutoff for all reservation categories, medical college details, MBBS seat matrix and fees structure. Counselling service was extended to Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

Year – 2021

Mentoring Services: Our MBBS Admission counsellors have guided more than 40000 students for All India Counselling, Deemed University Counselling and State counselling for Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

We also provided paid personalised MBBS Admission counselling for parents from southern states including Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Year – 2022

During 2022, we included college details and cut off data for states such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar and Assam. More than 12000+ MBBSCouncil users got admission through counselling using our services.

Year – 2023

MBBSCouncil helped more than 45000 students for All India Counselling and State quota Counselling for nearly all states in India except few North eastern states. We extended our mentoring and personalised services to all Indian states.

Registered Personalized Counselors:

  1. Ragupathy
  2. Jailani
  3. Venkateswari
  4. Meenakshi
  5. Maria Pappa
  6. Sharan
  7. Srivatsan
  8. Seetha

We provide Personalised Counselling Service for most of the Indian states except few states such as north eastern states. Any one of the above registered counselor will be assigned and they will guide you throughout the MBBS Admission counselling 2024 Session. If you want to escalate any issues regarding the counselor, you can write to coacher AT neetlab DOT com


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Studying MBBS

Komal Vaishnavi

Studying MBBS @ MGMMC,Jamshedpur

I am extremely thankful to NEETLab which made study a fun. I was so dedicated and solved nearly all MCQs provided on the Mobile App. Topicwise MCQs have easy, medium, hard and difficult questions combined which helped me motivated through out the practice session. It helped me to improve my NEET score and to get MBBS Seat in Government Medical College.


Software Engineer @ Chennai

People who are admitting kids outside of their state are clueless about the colleges outside. It is one of the best experiences I had with their MBBSCouncil App and phone conversations as I did not had much idea with NEET process and too much information is available on the INTERNET. From time to time, the ppts were very useful. I owe my knowledge that i got to your team. Also so many doubts I got it cleared thru phone and so patiently. I am always amazed as to why would anyone do it for free..kudos on your services. My support is there always.