In the Puducherry state, many MBBS Aspirants and Parents want to know their chances to get the best medical college. In this article, we will see how you have predicted the expected Puducherry state quota NEET 2022 Cut off with the highest accuracy.

1. Expected Puducherry NEET 2022 Closing Rank Cut off

Predicting your medical college using last year’s NEET score cut-off will give the least accuracy because of question paper difficulty level as well as the performance of students varies every year. So we recommend using NEET All India Closing Rank or State Closing Rank or State Reservation Category Closing Rank of medical colleges while predicting your chance to get a particular quota or particular West Bengal Medical college.

If you use All India Rank for cut-off prediction, then the data set size is 15+ lakhs, if you use West Bengal State rank, it reduces to 50,000+(only West Bengal students) and if you use your category rank, it further reduces the data set the size to few thousands. When we reduce the data set size, higher is the accuracy of prediction.

To know more about the accuracy of NEET prediction, read How to Predict Medical Colleges for Your NEET Rank Accurately.

1.1 NEET 2021 Candidate Merit List

MBBS Admission Counselling for Puducherry State Quota Conducted By Centralized Admission Committee. It will release NEET 2021 Candidate Merit List after State Counselling Registration. In 2021, 1670 candidates applied for Puducherry State Round 1 Counselling.

Puducherry State Merit List Contains Merit Rank denotes by  State Rank , Application Number, Name, DOB, NEET Roll Number, Score, All India Rank, Residence, and Category.

Compare your rank with last year’s closing rank for all Puducherry Medical Colleges by visiting the ”NEET Cutoff” Menu on MBBSCouncil App.

  • SQ denotes Puducherry State quota.
  • BCM denotes Backward Class Muslim.
  • BCMK denotes Backward Class Muslim Karaikal.
  • PH denotes Physically Handicapped.
  • BT denotes Backward Tribes.
  • Last Number denotes Counselling Rounds.
  • AIQ denotes All India Rank
  • SR denotes State Rank
  • CR denotes Category Rank

Puducherry Category Rank do not vary much every year during counselling as it is directly proportional to the number of MBBS seats available under each reservation category.

After NEET 2022 Merit list is released by the Centralized Admission Committee, you can predict NEET 2022 cut-off based on your state rank and your Puducherry state category rank.

You can install MBBSCouncil Android App from the google play store to get the community rank cut-off for all Puducherry Medical colleges to predict which college you have a chance to get.

2. last year NEET 2021 Cut Off For Puducherry Govt College

2.1 All India Quota NEET 2021 Cut Off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 17542 603
2 EWS 19324 599
3 OBC 18869 600
4 SC 99542 484
5 ST 109418 473

2.2 NEET 2021 Cut off for MBBS in Puducherry State Quota Government Medical College

Last year’s NEET score was cut off by Government Medical College located in Puducherry through PY state quota counselling conducted by CENTAC.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff SR Cutoff CR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 BCM 95467 111 5 488
2 BCM-K 183437 297 9 407
3 BT 678754 1377 1 161
4 EBC 91956 100 2 492
5 EWS 561739 1182 14 199
6 GN 86238 91 498
7 GN-K 165230 242 422
8 GN-M 109319 140 473
9 GN-Y 263432 505 349
10 MBC 126509 169 37 456
11 MBC-K 248213 466 112 360
12 MBC-Y 277707 532 132 340
13 OBC 101588 124 43 481
14 OBC-K 171324 263 92 417
15 OBC-M 176434 277 100 413
16 SC 328718 668 23 309
17 SC-K 518314 1094 74 216
18 SC-Y 291488 575 19 331

Second Colum Represent Reservation Category, Third Colum All India Rank, Fourth Colum State rank, Fifth Colum Category Rank, and the last column NEET score. If you belong to BCM Category and your category rank was less than 5 then you have a good chance to get into Puducherry Government Medical College through the Puducherry state quota during the current year of Counselling.

If you want to know your Puducherry State Rank and Category Rank after NEET 2022 merit list is released.  You can refer “Tools” section in the MBBSCouncil android app to get that.

How To Avoid NEET Counselling Mistake?

Knowing Education Quality and Clinical Exposure of every medical college you want to put in your choice list will help you avoid any counselling mistake. Install MBBSCouncil App to know beds, patient flow, PG courses for all Indian medical colleges.

2.3 NEET 2021 Cut off for MBBS In Puducherry Self-Financing Medical Colleges

S.No Category AIR Cutoff SR Cutoff CR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 BCM 189559 314 10 402
2 GN 174408 270 414
3 BT 846822 1589 4 121
4 EBC 194355 332 11 398
5 MBC 180895 291 68 409
6 OBC 178527 285 103 411
7 SC 443199 935 52 249
7 MGMT 383337 279

If you want to know Puducherry State NEET Score Cut off / State Rank Cut off / Reservation Category Rank Cut off for any Govt or Private Medical College located in Puducherry, you can install MBBSCouncil App from the google play store.

During Puducherry NEET counselling, this app will help you to analyze which medical college you have a good chance for your NEET Rank.

Last Year NEET 2020 Cutoff for Puducherry

Puducherry State Quota NEET 2020 Cut off – Government College

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 GN 79553 509
2 OBC 91696 494
3 BCM 188316 398
4 MBC 116529 454
5 EBC 107392 476
6 SC 390818 268

If you want to know Puducherry State quota NEET Score cutoff /Management Quota for any Private medical college in Puducherry, You can use MBBSCouncil App by installing it from the google play store. Tuition Fees for the Puducherry state quota are approximately Rs 4 lakhs/year. OPN-MGMT means open management quota available in private medical colleges for which students from any Indian state is eligible to participate. Tuition fees for the Open management quota are Rs 16 Lakhs/Year.

Puducherry State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off for Private College

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 GN 213237 330
2 OBC 216626 327
3 BCM 2734 458
4 MBC 242944 309
5 SC 524337 180
6 MGMT 284660  284

If you want to know more information about NEET score cut off for any government medical college or private medical colleges in Puducherry State Quota/Management Quota along with the Tuition Fees details, you can download the MBBSCouncil Android App.

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