Shipping and Delivery Policy

At Doctor Dreams Training Academy, we do not engage in shipping or delivering physical products. Instead, we offer online-based tools and resources for our users through platforms such as Android apps, web apps, and other digital mediums.

In-App Subscriptions

Our in-app subscriptions (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby) provide varying levels of access to exclusive counseling content and features within our app. These subscriptions are digital purchases and do not require physical delivery.

eBooks and Other Consultations

For eBook purchases, we deliver the content as a PDF file via Email or WhatsApp, ensuring immediate access for our customers. Additionally, for consultations such as Phone one-on-one or Zoom one-on-one, the sessions are conducted entirely through phone or online mediums, as indicated by their names.

So we do not have any policies relating to shipping and delivery.