Category Seat Reservations

State Quota MBBS Seats in Karnataka are reserved as follows.

15% seats of Govt Quota shall be reserved for Rural Candidates

5% of seats of Govt Quota shall be reserved for Kannada Medium Candidates.

Hyderabad Karnataka Region comprising the districts of Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur, Yadgirellary shall be regarded as the local area. 70% seats of colleges within this area are allotted to local candidates. 7% of Seats in Karnataka state medical colleges are reserved for Hyderabad Karnataka region students.

  • SC – 17%
  • ST – 7%
  • CAT 1 – 4%
  • CAT 2A – 15%
  • CAT 2B – 4%
  • CAT 3A – 4%
  • CAT 3B – 5%
  • GM – 44%

Special Reservation Categories

  • PH – Persons with Disability
  • D – Defense Category
  • XD – Ex-Defense Category
  • SG – Scouts and Guides
  • CAP – Central Armed Police force (CAPF)
  • NCC – National Cadet Corps
  • SPO-Sports
  • JK – Jammu Kashmir Migrants
  • AGL – Anglo Indian

Minority Reservation to Others

  • Muslim Minority
  • Christian Minority

Candidates with Disability should appear before Disability Board for medical examination at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Medical College with all the necessary original documents. Date for appearance will be communicated later during the document verification time by KEA.

Reservation under article 371(J)

Reservation under article 371(J) is only applicable for the Medical colleges where the college is located in the Hyderabad Karnataka Region. 70 per cent of state quota seats are reserved for students from the H-K region. In this 70 per cent, 50 per cent will be for GM and the rest for SC, ST and OBC students. This includes medical colleges in Bidar, Koppal , Gulbarga, Raichur, Yadgir and Bellary districts. Medical Colleges located in HK region are Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences,  ESI Medical College and PGIMSR-Gulbarga, Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences, and Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences-Bellary. In the rest of the medical colleges in the State, eight per cent of seats will be reserved for students from the Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

MBBS Seat Matrix – Karnataka State

Only UG NEET 2022 qualified candidates who become eligible after verification of documents, are allowed to participate in the allotment of Medical seats as per the eligibility & reservation criteria for the respective types of seats. Counselling for deemed university medical colleges in Karnataka state is conducted by Medical Counselling Committee.

MBBS seats are classified into four categories namely

  • Government Seats(G) – seats in government colleges and govt quota seats in private colleges
    • 100% Seats in Govt Colleges
    • 40% seats in Medical Non-Minority Private Colleges(KPCF)
    • 25% seats in Minority Private Colleges
  • Private Seats(P) – seats in Private Colleges (AMPCK, KPCF and KRLMPCA)
    • 40% seats in Karnataka Professional Colleges Foundation Trust (KPCF) colleges
      • For General Merit (GMP): 50% seats
      • For Open Seats (OPN): Remaining 50% seats
    • 55% seats in KRLMPCA and AMPCK colleges
      • 66% seats for religious / linguistic minority
        • For General Merit (GMP): 50% Seats
        • For Open Seats (OPN): Remaining 50% seats
  • NRI Seats(N) – seats for Non resident Indians
    • 15% of the MBBS seats available in KRLMPCA, KPCF and AMPCK
  • Others Seats(Q)
    • 5% of the MBBS seats are available in KRLMPCA, KPCF and AMPCK colleges

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Karnataka Medical Colleges Quota Abbreviations

Quota Description
AIQ All India Quota in State Govt Colleges
ESI Insured Persons Quota in ESIC Colleges
OPQ Open Quota in Central Govt Colleges
SQ State Quota in Govt and Private Medical Colleges. Only State Domicile Eligible
MQ Management Quota in Private Colleges. Only State Domicile Eligible
OPN Open Management Quota in Private Colleges. Other state students can apply.
NRI Non Resident Indian Quota in Private Colleges and Deemed Universities
MNQ Management quota in Deemed Universities. All State Candidates Eligible

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Karnataka Medical Colleges Reservation Category Abbreviations

Category Description
1G OBC Category 1 General
1H OBC Category 1 General Hyderabad
1K OBC Category 1 General Kannada
1KH OBC Category 1 General Kannada Hyderabad
1R OBC Category 1 General Rural
1RH OBC Category 1 General Rural Hyderabad
2AG Category 2A General
2AH Category 2A Hyderabad
2AK Category 2A Kannada
2AKH Category 2A Kannada Hyderabad
2AR Category 2A Rural
2ARH Category 2A Rural Hyderabad
2BG Category 2B General
2BH Category 2B Hyderabad
2BK Category 2B Kannada
2BKH Category 2B Kannada Hyderabad
2BR Category 2B Rural
2BRH Category 2B Rural Hyderabad
3AG Category 3A General
3AH Category 3A Hyderabad
3AK Category 3A Kannada
3AKH Category 3A Kannada Hyderabad
3AR Category 3A Rural
3ARH Category 3A Rural Hyderabad
3BG Category 3B General
3BH Category 3B Hyderabad
3BK Category 3B Kannada
3BKH Category 3B Kannada Hyderabad
3BR Category 3B Rural
3BRH Category 3B Rural Hyderabad
AGL Anglo Indian
CAP Central Armed Forces
DEF Defence
GM General Merit
GMH General Merit Hyderabad
GMK General Merit Kannada
GMKH General Merit Kannada Hyderabad
GMR General Merit Rural Area
GMRH General Merit Rural Hyderabad
JK Jammu Kashmir Migrants
NCC National Cadet Corps
PH Physically Handicapped
S-G Scouts and guides
SCG Schedule Caste General
SCH Schedule Caste Hyderabad
SCK Schedule Caste Kannada Medium
SCKH Schedule Caste Kannada Hyderabad
SCR Schedule Caste Rural Area
SCRH Schedule Caste Rural Hyderabad
SPO Sports
STG Scheduled Caste General
STH Scheduled Caste Hyderabad
STK Scheduled Caste Kannada
STKH Scheduled Caste Kannada Hyderabad
STR Scheduled Caste Rural
STRH Scheduled Caste Rural Hyderabad
XD Ex-Defence

Karnataka Medical Colleges (Private) Quota Abbreviations

Category Description
GMP General Merit Private Quota
GMPH General Merit Private Hyderabad
MA Minority Linguistic Tamil
MC Minority Christian
ME Minority Linguistic Telugu
MEH Minority Linguistic Telugu Hyderabad
MM Muslim Minority
MMH Muslim Minority Hyderabad
MU Muslim Category
RC2 Roman Catholic Category 2
RC3 Roman Catholic Category 3
RC4 Roman Catholic Category 4
RC5 Roman Catholic Category 5
RC6 Roman Catholic Category 6
RC7 Roman Catholic Category 7
RC8 Roman Catholic Category 8

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