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Mahsa University is one of the famous private university which is situated in the Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. It was founded 2005, in the year 2009 it was upgraded with university status. All around the world, nearly 61 countries international students are studying in this Mahsa University. The Mahsa university faculty of medicine which offers to its students with modern & traditional level of MBBS program. In here the medicinal subjects is an innovative & pragmatic approach of system based synchronised curriculum.

MUFM teaches the MBBS program with innovative subjects of problem-based learning, early clinical exposure method, small group sessions with integrated lectures are taught by the highly experienced teachers. So, students are getting engaged with their studies along with a lot of enthusiasm. Scholarships are available for the meritorious students in this Mahsa university faculty of medicine. This state of the art technology enables students to learn and comprehend difficult subjects better at an accelerated pace.

Table of Contents

1. Quick Summary
2. Why Study MBBS in MUFM
3. MBBS Course
4. Admission Procedure & Eligibility
5. Fees Structure
6. Infrastructure
7. Facilities
8. Affiliated Hospitals
9. How to Reach

Quick Summary

Established: 2005
Total MBBS Seats: 100
Tuition Fees: Rs 15,00,000 approximate per year.
Living Expenses: Rs 10,000 – Rs 15,000 approximate per month.
Hostel: In-Campus Hostel Available
Food: Indian Food Available
Medium of Instruction: English
Duration Of Study: 5 Years
Institution Type: Private
Admission season: September
Affiliated To: MAHSA University, Malaysia
Recognition and Listing: Medical Council of India (MCI),
Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC),
World Health Organisation (WHO),
The Medical Council of Thailand (TMCT).
Affiliated Hospital: MAHSA University is affiliated with 4 hospitals in Malaysia.
Other Names: MUFM Malaysia, Mahsa University, Mahsa University Bandar Saujana Putra, Mahsa University Malaysia, Mahsa University Faculty of Medicine, Mahsa University Faculty of Medicine Malaysia, Mahsa University Faculty of Medicine Selangor Malaysia.
Address: Mahsa University, Jalan SP2, Bandar Saujana Putra, Jenjarom – 42610, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: +603-5102 2200

Why Study MBBS in MUFM

  • To create a health care professional who is motivated with a confident caring of service to other human beings.
  • Students studying from the Mahsa university are encouraged to spend their time in overseas for their elective programs.
  • To be an institution at the forefront of medical sciences education in patient care health promotion community services and research.
  • To create diverse learning of environment for our students which make them as a creative, interactive, developed person with socially responsible.
  • Mahsa university has established an affiliation with many international universities and all of the educational programs are linked with those universities.
  • To make our student with acquired sufficient medical knowledge, skill, professionalism enables them to pursue a carrier in any branch of medical sciences.

MBBS Course

The MBBS programme at MAHSA University Faculty of Medicine is 5 year which conducted entirely at MAHSA University. The aim of the medical program on MUFM is to instil in students professional responsibility and adaptability in their duties upon their posting at any medical centre in the country. In this phase, the emphasis is on problem-solving and clinical reasoning. And the effective doctor having the clinical knowledge and skills to diagnose the common illnesses, detecting life-threatening emergency cases and to supervising the early stages of emergencies.

Mahsa university faculty of medicine maintain an optimum number of teachers & students with the ratio of 1:5. The teaching staffs and the faculty members are hand-picked locals. They are having more than 30 years of teaching experience, also highly trained with an international pool of knowledge. That make ensures the Mahsa University medical students are having the acquire further skills and knowledge in any medical discipline. The MBBS program taught by these teaching methods of small group sessions, especially in the soft skills module, offer personalised attention with continuing support from the entire staff ensuring the success of Mahsa students.

Phase – 1 in MUFM

  • Pre-Clinical Programme – The first 2 years of MBBS program consisting of 4 semesters.
  • After completion of the phase – 1 medical programme, students are moving to the phase – 2 medical programme, which starts with the clerkship of 3rd to 5th year which comprises of rotating clinical postings.

Phase – 2 in MUFM

  • Para-Clinical Programme – The final 3 years of MBBS program consisting of 6 semesters.
  • This phase covers 6 semesters generally held at hospital and health service centres which have fulfilled the requirement of teaching the medicinal subjects.

Admission Procedure and Eligibility

  • If you want to study MBBS in Malaysia he or she may be an Indian they should have to qualify the NEET exam it’s a mandatory rule to all of the Indian students to study medicine in Malaysia.
  • If the students want to study medicine he or she needs to have “A – Grade” level marks in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

If you want to know more information about the other Colleges in Abroad, please download the MBBSCouncil Android App. You can download the app by clicking here. This app provides counselling guidance for MBBS Admission.

Needed documents for getting an admission in Mahsa University

  • Original Passport
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • NEET qualifying Marksheet
  • Original educational certificates
  • English proficiency certificate with the completion of IELTS, TOFEL

Fees Structure

MBBS Program approximate tuition fees in MAHSA University Faculty of Medicine. This fees structure may very in the current currency rate.

Year Malaysian Ringgit Dollar Indian Rupee
I – Year ‎MYR 89,200 $ 20,400 Rs 15,10,000
II – Year ‎MYR 86,300 $ 19,800 Rs 14,60,500
III – Year MYR 85,500 $ 19,600 Rs 14,50,000
IV – Year MYR 85,500 $ 19,600 Rs 14,50,000
V – Year MYR 87,000 $ 19,900 Rs 14,80,000
Total Fees MYR 4,33,500 $ 99,500 Rs 75,00,000

MBBS Admission NEET Cut off


Mahsa University (MUFM) having modern infrastructures with 48 acres of campus with state of the art facilities. These are the various stream of educational courses offered by the MAHSA University such as Arts, Accounting, Administration, Business, Commerce, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Dental, Nursing, Bio-medical, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Health & Science, Technology courses and so on.

Mahsa University campus provides 24×7 free wifi enable campus, air-conditioning auditorium, multi-purpose hall, meeting rooms, seminar halls, lecture halls, classrooms, museums, student success centre, in-campus public phone booth for international students, 2 number of an air-conditioning wifi-enabled library, hospital, practising science laboratories, in-campus cafes & restaurants, sports and games, an olympic sized swimming pool and greenery cover field of in-campus playground and so many facilities are available in the Mahsa university faculty of medicine Bandar Saujana Putra campus.

  • An open amphitheatre with the seating capacity of 1000 which consists of audio-visual aids.
  • An air-conditioning grand hall with the area of 20,000 sq.ft which consists of 2,500 seating capacity.
  • An air-conditioning single rooms, standard twin type of residency rooms with all kind of needed facilities.
  • An air-conditioning lecture hall with the seating capacity 250, which consists of all kind of needed facilities.
  • A multi-purpose air-conditioning hall with the area of 9000 sq.ft which consists of 1200 seating capacity, LED screens, audio-visual aids with wifi facility, all kind of furniture with wooden interiors.
  • An equipped modernised an air-conditioning auditorium with 250 seating capacity and LED screens with projectors, audio-visual aids with microphones are available in the MSFU’s auditorium.
  • An air-conditioning classroom with the seating capacity 30 per class with flooring of tiles, which consists of whiteboards with wifi enabled LED screens and projectors.

The Mahsa university faculty of medicine is committed for the student who has a lot of passion in the field of medicine to turn into a doctor. The entire teaching faculty skills are further enhanced by our modern facilities featuring ultra-modern wet & dry anatomy labs, integrated digital labs to support e-learning, technologically enable small group isles and lecture theatres, as well as a conventional cum virtual library.


MUFM library guides the student to manage & integrate their knowledgeable mind. A lot of information resources are available inside and outside the classroom through the digital library, which enables the student to utilise these e-library facilities. So, it makes the students to improve their skills.



MUFM provides in-campus hostel and residential facility for the students. It provides separate accommodation facilities for both boys & girls. A variety of rooms are available in the MUFM hostel with all kind facilities like fully furnished single and double beds with air conditioning facilities, wifi, computers, study table, cupboards, attached with bathroom & toilet facility. The Mahsa university campus is fully secured 24×7 CCTV with guard facility. All of the hostel rooms are protected by the separate house masters & matrons


MUFM provides Indian foods to the students. In the Mahsa university campus’s hostel mess provides hygiene and nutritious foods and a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Also, inside of the Mahsa university campus, Indian restaurants & cafes are available at an affordable cost with the availability of all Indian food.


MUFM provides sports facilities to the students, through sports activity students can maintain their physical fitness. Mahsa university provides these following sports activity like basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and so on. Also, indoor sports complex & gymnasium facilities are available for the student’s refreshments. Mahsa campus has own sports field with a greenery environment in 48 acres in the university campus.

Affiliated Hospitals

Mahsa university is the only university which provides the MBBS course with dissection based learning opportunity using cadaver. This university is affiliated with the Hospital in Kuala Lumpur (HKL). These facilities are available in the Mahsa university such as operation theatres, simulation wards, anatomy laboratories, digital laboratories and so on. Hospital in Kuala Lumpur has 3,300 number of outpatients are treated daily. Which consists of 11,000 medical staffs, in here 44,500 surgeries and 14 million lab investigations are tested annually. International standard of healthcare services are provided in this Kuala Lumpur hospital with affordable cost.

The Malaysian government tertiary care hospital which is situated on the 150-acre campus of prime land in the city. It is one of the largest hospitals in the world with 2,300-bed strength. Most of the medical schools globally are shutting away from the use of cadaver in learning anatomy, in Mahsa cadavers lend a touching experience in learning of anatomy. While teaching the physiology & pharmacology are come to life by the use of digital laboratories.

  • MUFM affiliated with the hospital in Sungai Buloh
  • MUFM affiliated with the hospital in Kuala Lumpur
  • MUFM affiliated with the hospital in Tanjung Karang
  • MUFM affiliated with the public hospitals in Malaysia
  • MUFM affiliated with the primary care clinics in Malaysia
  • MUFM affiliated with the community hospitals in Malaysia

How to Reach

MAHSA University was located in the greenery circumstance of township area of Bandar Saujana Putra in Kuala Langat district in the Selangor state of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malasia. Through a non-stop flight from Chennai international airport, to Kuala Lumpur international airport we can reach Malasia with the travelling time of 4 hours approximately. Also, we can reach Malaysia through the Delhi & Mumbai international airports. The MAHSA university which is located 33 km away from the Kuala Lumpur international airport with the reaching time of 15 – 20 minutes only. Railway station facilities are available to reach this Mahsa university with the timing of 30 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur railway station with a distance of 36 km. The Putrajaya Sentral bus station was located 18 km away from the Mahsa university.

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