Bangladesh is one of the neighbouring countries of India, which shares the Indian borders and historical relationship with India and Pakistan. This country has characteristic things similar to India. Bangladesh has a long political relationship and economical communication with India and Pakistan, it provides some priorities to the neighbour countries like India.

1. Quick Summary
2. Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh
3. MBBS Course
4. Top Medical Colleges In Bangladesh
5. Eligibility and Admission Process
6. Visa Processing
7. History of Bangladesh
8. Geography
9. Cost Of Living
11.Food and Culture
13.How To Reach

Quick Summary

Capital: Dhaka
Language: Bengali
Area: 147570 square Kms
Population: 16.47 crores
Currency: Bangladeshi taka (1 INR = 1.17 Taka., 1 Taka =0.86 INR)
Timezone: GMT+6
Time Difference: Bangladesh time has 30 min ahead from India
Geography: Asia
Borders With: India, Burma
Cost of Living: 20,000 to 25,000 INR(month)
Number of colleges approved by MCI: 7

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh is becoming a choice able destination for students from countries like India, Nepal etc for getting their MBBS degree.
  • Every year, top medical universities of Bangladesh has been receiving a large number of applications from international students.
  • No entrance test is required for admission, the students can do the admission process much easier.
  • Culture, climate and foods in Bangladesh are similar to India, Indian students feel much comfortable in there.
  • The education and living cost is quite affordable in this country as compared to other medical colleges around the world. 24 lakh INR to 30 lakh INR is the average cost of the MBBS degree in Bangladesh.
  • The good infrastructure and quality of education are the best things and students are provided with high-quality accommodation at cheaper rates.

Bangladesh medical universities are recognized and approved by the MCI – Medical Council of India; ECFMG – Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA; ACGME – Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education; FAIMER’s IMED – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research’s International Medical Education Directory; MCC – Medical Council of Canada and WHO – World Health Organization. This helps the students to be eligible to appear for the screening examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations, India, under the observation of Medical Council Of India (MCI) and major tests like the USMLE, PLAB and practice in all countries across the globe.

MBBS Course

Bangladesh has 5 years to complete the MBBS course.

Phase Syllabus
I-First one and a half year Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry.
II-One year Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine.
III-One year Pharmacology & Therapeutics Pathology Microbiology.
IV-Final one and a half year Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Medicine & Allied subjects, Surgery & Allied subjects.

Top Medical Colleges In Bangladesh

  • Southern Medical College and Hospital
  • Bangladesh Medical College
  • Chittagong Medical University
  • University of Dhaka
  • University of Rajshahi
  • Shah Jalal Uni. of Science & Technology, Sylhet
  • University of Science & Technology, Chittagong

Eligibility and Admission Process

The applicant shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course in Bangladesh. Not more than two years gap after Class 12th (HSC) pass out. If a student applies for 2018-2019 session applicant must pass out (10+2) in 2017 or latest 2018 current batch, if board conduct 12th exam in 2016 but provide passing out a certificate in 2017 also eligible.

Admission Process :

  • If an applicant has the passport of a country having a diplomatic relationship with Bangladesh they can apply for the admission in MBBS course in one of the governments or private colleges in Bangladesh.
  • They must get the photocopies of school/college graduation certificate, mark sheet, school leaving certificate, a copy of passport, two passport size photos of the students and MCI eligibility certificate is attested from the foreign ministry of applicant country.
  • The applicant can download MBBS admission form the website of Bangladesh foreign ministry ( and fill up, they must mention the medical college of their choice. Pay $60 in any bank of their country in favour of DGHS (Doctor General Healt
  • h Service) and get the receipt.
  • Applicant deposit the bank receipt attested documents and filled admission form in Bangladesh. Foreign students should get a grade equivalency certificate from the Bangladesh Embassy in their country to get permission from the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Applicant should send the copies of certificate, mark sheet, passport and a letter of intent to selected medical college office through email or post for advance booking of the seat. Having received the permission letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and grade equivalency of your certificates. The applicant can proceed with the admission.

Visa Processing

  • Applicant has the common requirements for the visa process of Bangladesh, their passport with at least three months validity, two passport size photographs, photocopy of pages of passport having detail particulars, invitation and covering letters, two filled-up visa application forms and for student visa, three sets of application forms are required and exact amount of visa fee in cash.
  • Indian Parents who visit their children are exempted from visa fees as Indian visitors are exempted to pay the visa fee.
  • For students, the visa applicant must include the offer letter from the concerned government recognized educational institution in Bangladesh, bank solvency certificate of the guardian of the student and sponsoring certificate to be provided by the guardian confirming the commitment to bear the educational expenses.
  • The applicant gets the filled-in visa application forms with other documents are required to be submitted to the High Commission, Deputy High Commissions and Representative Office of Bangladesh in India.

History of Bangladesh

Bangladesh was called East Pakistan before its independence. In 1971 Bangladesh got its independence after the Bangladesh Liberation War. Borders of Bangladesh are coinciding with the major portion of the ancient and historic region of Bengal in the eastern part of India. The early history of this country has featured a succession of Indian empires, internal squabbling, and a tussle between Hinduism and Buddhism for dominance.

In the 13th century, Islam became dominant gradually after the missionaries such as Shah Jalal arrived. Then Muslim rulers initiated the preachings of Islam by building masjid and madrassas. Since the 13th century, the region was controlled by the Bengal Sultanate. Afterwards, the region came under the suzerainty of the Mughal Empire, as its wealthiest province.


Bangladesh is located in South Asia with a coastline of 580 km (360 miles) on the northern side of the Bay of Bengal. The delta plain of the Brahmaputra, Ganges and Meghna Rivers and their tributaries occupy 79 % of the country. Four uplifted blocks occupy 9 %, and steep hill ranges up to 1,000 m high occupy 12 % in the southeast and the Chittagong Hill Tracts in the northeast. The Country has a tropical monsoon climate, high temperatures & humidity, and also heavy rainfall season.

Bangladesh has an area of 147,610 square kilometres and it extends from north to south with 820 kilometres and from the east to west, it has 370 miles. Bangladesh is bordered with India on the west, north, and east by a 2,545 mi land frontier. It is with Burma on the southeast by a short land and water frontier of 193 kilometres.

Cost of Living

Bangladesh has a living cost is 34.57% higher than India, but the rent is 4.89% lower than India. Most of the expenses are approximately similar to India, especially the market value of necessary things. Restaurant, social or fun places will cost more than 7,000 INR per month. Travel expenses will not extend more than 3,500 to 6,000 INR per month, because the public travel system will cost around 3,000 INR, but a monthly pass system( with regular price) available around 1000 INR. But the private travel system like a taxi or anything will cost around 3,000 INR. If you are a tourist, your tourism expenses will extend more than normal expenses.

Rent of the apartments will cost low prices in both cities and Outside centres. In cities, it will around 10,000 INR and other places around 7000 INR. Other expenses like electricity, heater, water service, mobile recharge, etc… will cost more than   3,500 INR.


Bangladesh one of the subtropical monsoon climate country which is characterized by wide seasonal variations in high temperatures, rainfall, and humidity. Bangladesh has three distinct seasons a hot, humid summer from March to June, from June to October has a cool, rainy monsoon season and from October to March with a cool, dry winter.
Traditionally climatic is divided into six seasons in Bangla calendar. Those are Grisma, Barsa, Sarat, Hemanta, Shhit, and Basanta. These represent the summer, rainy, autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring.

Food and Culture

Bangladesh culture is intertwined with the culture of the Bengal region and the broader Indian subcontinent. Over the centuries its evolved and encompasses the cultural diversity of several social groups in Bangladesh, it was called East Pakistan, so the culture of Bangladesh is reflecting the similar cultural effect in India and Pakistan. Bangladesh is with Bengalis comprising 98% of the population. The country is a Muslim-majority country. They constitute around 87% of the population in Bangladesh. Buddhists and Hindus are the most significant minorities in the country.


Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha, Milad un Nabi, Muharram, Chand Raat, Bishwa Ijtema, and Shab-e-Baraat are the Muslim festivals. Hindu festivals of Durga Puja and Janmashtami. Buddha Purnima is a Buddhist festival and Christian festival of Christmas.
Secular festivals like Pohela Boishakh, Nabanna are harvest Celebration, Language Movement Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Independence Day, Nazrul Jayanti witness widespread celebrations are national holidays in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh food culture has evolved by the effect of culture and season. This country is intensively farmed, with rice as the main crop, grown in three seasons. Greens, fruits, and vegetables flourish in every season. Bangladesh cuisine is containing these things with meat, milk, and spices.

Beef, chicken, and goat are eaten but not pork, because the majority of the population is Muslim. Bangladesh food cultures have resembled the Indian state of Bengal, which shares a culture and history. Different dishes made from chicken, beef, fish or mutton, as well as dal and vegetables commonly served with rice and flatbreads.


  • World’s longest sea beach Cox’s Bazar is situated in Bangladesh.
  • The biggest mangrove forest in the world is Sundarban, which is Located near Khulna. Sundarban mangrove forest is home to over 400 Royal Bengal tigers.
  • Saint Martin island, Ratargul swamp forest, Nilgiri hill, and Kaptai lake are the most attractive spots in Bangladesh tourism.
  • The tallest building in Chittagong City Center Agrabad, Chittagong.

How To Reach

From Kolkata to Dhaka has a Train service. The only train is Maitree Express, which runs between these two cities. This train runs six days a week from each side. This travels around 375 kilometres to reach Dhaka from Kolkata. There are two immigration checking stops for this travel. The Gede is the Indian side and the other one is Darshana on the Bangladesh side.

There is a bus service from Kolkata to Dhaka run by Govt. Government bus is operated jointly by the West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation and the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation. The 12.5 hours long journey covers 80 km from the Indian side and 300 km into Bangladesh. Indian international airports from the main cities like Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad are providing travel services to Bangladesh. From here to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka and other main cities airports in Bangladesh are having the non-stop flight services available.

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