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Checkout Expected Andhra Pradesh State Quota NEET 2021 Closing Rank Cut off Watch Video

In Andhra Pradesh state many MBBS aspirants and parents want to know their chances to get a best medical college. In this article, we will see how you can predict expected Andhra Pradesh State quota NEET 2021 Cut off with highest possible accuracy.

1. Expected Andhra Pradesh NEET 2021 Closing Rank Cut off

Comparing your NEET score with last year NEET score cut off will give least accuracy while predicting whether you have chance to get government colleges or category -A seats in Andhra Pradesh counselling. This is mainly because question paper difficulty level varies every year. If question paper is easy, then NEET score cut off for that year will be high and vice versa. We recommend you to use your All India Closing Rank or State Closing Rank or State Reservation Category Closing Rank while predicting your chance to get particular quota or particular Andhra Medical college.

If you use All India Rank, then the data set size is 15+ lakhs, if you use State rank, it reduces to 50,000+ and if you use your category rank, it further reduces the data set size to few thousands. Smaller the data set higher the accuracy of prediction.  To know more about accuracy of NEET prediction, read How to Predict Medical Colleges for Your NEET Rank Accurately

1.1  NEET 2021 Result Data List

Andhra Pradesh State Counselling Authority Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences  released NEET 2021 Data Result List containing NEET 2021 scores of students who have given their native state as Andhra Pradesh during the NEET registration.

Andhra Pradesh State NEET Result List

Andhra Pradesh NEET Result contains All India Rank, NEET Roll number, reservation category given during NEET application along with NEET score.  The first column contains your AP state rank. Andhra Pradesh is divided into two regions, Andhra University region and Sri Venkateshwara University region based on the districts.

We can compare Andhra Pradesh NEET 2021 Result List with NEET 2020 Result List to know how Andhra Pradesh students have performed during 2021 compared to previous year. This will help you to understand whether the current year AP state quota cut off will increase or decrease compared to last year.

AIR 2020 Candidates 2021 Candidates
Below 10000 403 360
Below 50000 1999 1809
Below 75000 3163 2931
Below 100000 4295 4112
Below 150000 6735 6744

Below 10000 All India Rank, we find 360 candidates from Andhra Pradesh compared to 403 AP candidates last year. Andhra NEET 2021 aspirants performed little lesser than the last year.  Similarly we find below 1,00,000 AIR also, we find less Andhra Pradesh candidates compared to last year. So we are sure that this year NEET 2021 score cut off is going to come down this year.

Lets predict how much NEET score it can decrease compared to last year by comparing state rank  of NEET 2021 and NEET 2020 Data Merit List. We have given predictions for Category -A MBBS Seats in private medical colleges.

Category AIR2020 SR2020 Score2020 Score2021 Difference
OC 54995 2245 541 531 10
BCA 101551 4367 482 477 5
BCB 92931 3951 492 487 5
BCC 146364 6544 436 438 -2
BCD 90455 3848 495 489 6
BCE 178969 8149 406 412 -6
SC 164796 7455 418 423 -5
ST 327618 15602 297 313 -16

We have given last year All India Closing Rank cut off for all reservation categories of Andhra Pradesh category-A Government quota seats in Andhra Pradesh State Counselling. For Open category, 2020 All India rank closing rank cut off was 54995,  the corresponding state closing rank was 2245 and NEET 2020 score cut off was 541.

We can predict this year NEET 2021 score cut off by checking current year score for AP State Rank 2245. When we checked this year Andhra Pradesh NEET 2021 result list,  for last year State Closing Rank 2245, we found NEET score as 531. So compared to last year, NEET score cut off is expected to decrease by 10 marks.

Similarly we have found cut off for all other reservation categories. for BC sub categories BCA, BCB and BCD we are expecting cut off to decrease by 5 marks during 2021 Andhra Pradesh State Counseling for semi government MBBS seats in Andhra Private Medical Colleges.

1.2  NEET 2021 Verified Merit List

After Andhra Pradesh State quota counselling registration and document verification, it will release verified state merit list which contains candidate region and reservation category. Based on region, you need to calculate your AP State Rank and category rank.

Andhra Pradesh Verified Merit List 2020

If you belong to Open category or trying for management quota, then use state regional rank. For other reservation categories, you need to use corresponding category rank. If you find it difficult to calculate your regional rank or category rank, contact helpline 044-46313330 if you are on premium MBBSCouncil subscription.

Compare your rank with last year closing rank for all Andhra Pradesh medical colleges by visiting “NEET cutoff” Menu from MBBSCouncil App. Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences Chittoor cut off screen of the app is shown here for your reference.

MBBSCouncil NEET Cut off

  • SQ denotes Andhra Pradesh State Quota
  • BCA represents the reservation category
  • NL represents 15% non local quota
  • F represents Female quota.
  • Last number denotes the counselling round.
  • AIR represents All India Closing Rank
  • SR represents Andhra State Regional Closing Rank(SVU or AU depending on the college)
  • CR represents Andhra State Reservation Category Rank

If you belong to BCA category from SVU region and your BCA category rank is 360, you wouldn’t have got seat in Apollo Inst of Medical Sciences during Ist round counselling, but you would have got seat during second round. For Other region candidates(SVU or OU),  state category rank should be less than 282 to get into Apollo Medical college.

Andhra Pradesh Category Rank do not vary much every year during counselling as it is directly proportional to the number of MBBS seats available under that reservation category. If there are any new additional seats, then category rank cut off for current year will be proportionally higher compared to the number of seat increase for that reservation category.

After NEET 2021 verified list is released by Andhra State Counselling authority, we will predict NEET 2021 cut off based on the regional state ranks and regional category ranks.

You can install MBBSCouncil Android App from google play store to get community rank cut off for all Andhra Pradesh Medical colleges to predict which college you have chance to get for your regional community rank or AP State regional rank.

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2. Last Year NEET 2020 Cut off for Andhra Pradesh Govt Colleges

2.1 All India Quota NEET 2020 Cut off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 14206 613
2 EWS 6713 636
3 OBC 7176 635
4 SC 79721 508
5 ST 86336 500

2.2 Andhra Pradesh State Quota NEET 2020 Cut off – Government Colleges

Least preferred college in Andhra Pradesh last year was Rajiv Gandhi Inst of Medical Sciences Kadapa and Srikakulam. These two medical colleges were recently started.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff SR Cutoff CR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 41469 1523 561
2 BCA 82269 3640 287 505
3 BCB 65203 2755 439 527
4 BCC 110932 5140 65 472
5 BCD 62108 2573 447 531
6 BCE 115113 5328 233 467
7 EWS 48718 1881 550
8 SC 139911 6511 460 442
9 ST 159389 7289 303 423

Second Column represents reservation category, Third column represents All India Closing Rank for government medical colleges. Third column represents Andhra State Closing Rank. Fourth Column represents AP State Category closing rank. Last column represents the corresponding NEET score cut off. For Example, If you belong to BCC category and your category rank is less than 65, then you have good chance to get Andhra Pradesh government medical colleges through AP state quota during current year counselling.

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2.3 Andhra Pradesh State Quota NEET 2020 Cut off – Private Colleges

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 54995 541
2 BCA 101551 482
3 BCB 92931 492
4 BCC 146364 436
5 BCD 90455 495
6 BCE 178969 406
7 SC 164796 418
8 ST 327618 297
9 OPN 231998 362
10 MM 575682 181
11 NRI 816371 113

If you are on paid subscription on MBBSCouncil App, you can see last year NEET Score/All India Closing Rank/State Closing Rank/Category Closing Rank cutoff for all government medical college as well as private medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh State Quota/Management Quota along with Tuition Fees details. Click To Download MBBSCouncil Android App.

If you could not understand above category abbreviations, to know complete list of your state's quota and reservation categories, click here >>

How to Predict Your Chance With High Accuracy?

Knowing closing state rank and community rank cut off will increase your prediction accuracy to get seat under state quota in government medical colleges and private medical colleges. Read More on How To Predicting Your College Accurately>>

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3. Last Year NEET 2019 Cut off for Andhra Pradesh Govt Colleges

3.1 All India Quota NEET 2019 Cut off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 12356 583
2 SC 72080 465
3 ST 66308 473

3.2 Andhra Pradesh State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Government Colleges


S.No Category AIR Cutoff SR Cutoff CR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 37398 2167 521
2 EWS 36867 2130 381 522
3 BCA 64172 4217 332 476
4 BCB 60141 3891 619 482
5 BCC 53374 3380 38 493
6 BCD 51779 3268 583 496
7 BCE 85771 5749 207 447
8 SC 99171 6611 457 431
9 ST 124480 8144 315 404

3.3 Andhra Pradesh State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Private Colleges

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OPN 227387 320
2 OC 57022 487
3 BCA 112676 416
4 BCB 64871 475
5 BCC 87043 446
6 BCD 61845 480
7 BCE 116764 412
8 SC 125433 403
9 ST 157437 374

If you are on paid subscription on MBBSCouncil App, you can see NEET score/All India Closing Rank/ State Closing Rank/Category Closing Rank cut off for all government medical college and private medical colleges for Andhra Pradesh State Quota/Management Quota along with Tuition Fees details. Click to download MBBSCouncil Android App.

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