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Karnataka State MBBS aspirants want to know their chance to get All India Quota seat, State Quota in Government Colleges, Semi govt quota in private colleges, private quota in private colleges for their NEET score/rank. In this article, we will see how you can predict expected Karnataka State quota NEET 2021 Cut off with highest possible accuracy.

1. Expected Karnataka NEET 2021 Closing Rank Cut off

Predicting your probable medical college using last year NEET score cut off will give least accuracy because of question paper difficulty level as well as performance of students vary every year. So we recommend to use NEET All India Closing Rank or State Closing Rank or State Reservation Category Closing Rank of medical colleges while predicting your chance to get particular quota or particular Karnataka Medical college.  If you use All India Rank for cut off prediction, then the data set size is 15+ lakhs, if you use Karnataka State rank, it reduces to 50,000+(only Karnataka students) and if you use your category rank, it further reduces the data set size to few thousands. Smaller the data seat size higher the accuracy of prediction.  To know more about accuracy of NEET prediction, read How to Predict Medical Colleges for Your NEET Rank Accurately

1.1  NEET 2021 Verified Candidate List

Karnataka Examination Authority is the MBBS Admission counselling authority for Karnataka. It will release NEET 2021 Verified Candidates List after state counselling registration and document verification.

Karnataka NEET Verified List 2020

Karnataka State NEET Verified Candidate List contains NEET Roll number, CET number, reservation category, NEET score and All India Rank.  Karnataka does not provide state rank for verified candidates in this report, so we need to find out by ordering this data based on All India Rank. If you are premium subscription you can contact your counselor or helpline number 044-46313330 to get your Karnataka State Rank and Karnataka Category Rank. While calculating Karnataka state rank, make sure that you neglect data with category mentioned as “OPN” which represents open quota non Karnataka domicile students.

Compare your rank with last year closing rank for all Karnataka medical colleges by visiting “NEET cutoff” Menu from MBBSCouncil App. Dr. Ambedkar Medical College Bangalore cut off screen of the app is shown here for your reference.

dr ambedkar mc karnataka neet cut off 2020

  • SQ denotes Karnataka State Quota
  • 1G represents OBC Category-1 General
  • 1H represents OBC Category -1 Hyderabad Karnataka Region Quota
  • 1K represents OBC Category -1 Kannada Medium Quota
  • 1R represents OBC Category-1 Rural Quota
  • 2AG represents the OBC Category – 2A General
  • Last number denotes the counselling round
  • AIR represents All India Closing Rank
  • SR represents Karnataka State Regional Closing Rank
  • CR represents Karnataka State Reservation Category Rank

If you belong to category-2A OBC and your category rank is 400, you wouldn’t have got seat in Dr Ambedkar Medical College Bangalore during Ist round counselling, but you would have got seat during second round.

Karnataka Category Rank do not vary much every year during counselling as it is directly proportional to the number of Karnataka MBBS seats available under that reservation category. If there are any new additional seats in Karnataka Counselling, then category rank cut off for current year will proportionally increase compared to the number of seat increase for that particular reservation category.

After NEET 2021 verified list is released by Karnataka, we will predict NEET 2021 cut off based on the Karnataka state rank and category rank. Stay tuned to this website for updates.

You can install MBBSCouncil Android App from google play store to get community rank cut off for all Karnataka Government and Private Medical colleges to predict which college you have chance to get for your Karnataka community rank or Karnataka State rank.

Why Do You Need Expert Guidance During Counselling?

You need to know medical college types, college ranking, tuition fees, hidden fees, seat matrix, quota, KA state reservation, domicile rules, counselling rounds, Karnataka state rank list, choice filling, allotment rules, up-gradation rules, compulsory service bond, penalty, intern stipend, PG prospects, last year closing rank cut off, in order to avoid making any mistake during counselling. It will take 3 to 6 months to learn everything and collect necessary details on your own depending on how much time you spend everyday.

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2. Last Year NEET 2020 Cut off for Karnataka Govt Colleges

2.1 All India Quota NEET 2020 Cut off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 13537 615
2 OBC 13128 616
3 SC 79870 508
4 ST 91059 495
5 EWS 12798 617
6 MNQ-Deemed 442843 236

If you want to get into Karnataka government medical college through All India Quota, your All India Rank should be within 13500. Deemed University Private Medical Colleges In Karnataka are rated high in terms of education quality and clinical experience, so most of the deemed university medical college cut off will be within 150000 All India Rank. The lowest preferred Deemed University last year closing All India rank was 442843.

2.2 Karnataka State Quota NEET 2020 Cut off – Government Colleges

Least preferred Government Medical College in Karnataka state during 2020 was Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences. You can find NEET 2020 closing rank cut off for all Karnataka reservation categories below. SR represents Karnataka state closing rank and CR represents Karnataka Category Closing rank.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff SR Cutoff CR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 1G 63960 2680 122 529
2 1H 90383 4112 185 495
3 1K 85458 3804 174 501
5 1R 78024 3420 157 510
6 2AG 69974 2975 477 521
7 2BG 70241 2992 203 520
8 3AG 55595 2240 346 540
9 3BG 57483 2340 444 538
10 GM 56102 2265 540
11 SCG 151320 7849 357 431
12 STG 96417 4494 81 488

Second Column represents Karnataka state reservation category, Third column represents All India Closing Rank for Karnataka government medical colleges. Third column represents Karnataka State Closing Rank. Fourth Column represents KA State Category closing rank. Last column represents the corresponding NEET score cut off. For Example, If you belong to OBC 2A General category and your category rank is less than 477, then you have good chance to get Karnataka government medical colleges through state quota during current year counselling. Category rank do not vary much every year because it directly depends on the number of MBBS seats available in that reservation category.

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2.3 Karnataka State Quota NEET 2020 Cut off – Private Colleges

Below table contains Karnataka state quota cut off for semi government quota in private medical colleges. GMP represents General Merit Private and OPN represents open management quota for other state students. There are four private colleges which are affiliated to private universities for which tuition fees is high for private management quota. It is represented as GMP-High and OPN-High.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 1G 83917 503
2 1H 96785 488
3 1K 111466 471
5 1R 98407 486
6 2AG 88588 498
7 2BG 75803 513
8 3AG 70101 521
9 3BG 69553 521
10 GM 69483 521
11 GMP-High 203663 385
12 GMP 119479 463
13 OPN-High 171190 413
14 OPN 28489 583
15 OTH 376402 270
16 SCG 186779 399
17 STG 119333 463

MA – Tamil Minority – 238682 AIR

MC – Christian Minority – 252543 AIR

ME – Telugu Minority – 320009 AIR

MM – Muslim Minority – 342906 AIR

MU – Tulu Minority – 528077 AIR

NRI – Non Resident Indian – 817500 AIR

Predict Your Medical College Accurately

You need to use your state rank and state category rank to predict your chance to get a particular medical college. There is direct co-relation between number of MBBS seats in your reservation category and your NEET 2021 category rank. Install App to see last year state closing rank and last year category closing rank for all medical colleges. Enter your category rank in college predictor to see list of colleges you can get.

3. Last Year NEET 2019 Cut off for Karnataka Govt Colleges

3.1 All India Quota NEET 2019 Cut off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 11854 584
2 OBC 10892 588
3 SC 71922 465
4 ST 82754 451
5 MNQ 319228 265
6 ESI 57966 486

3.2 Karnataka State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Government Colleges

Least preferred Government Medical College in Karnataka state during 2019 was Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 1G 82229 452
2 1H 99959 430
3 1K 96599 434
5 1R 103645 426
6 2AG 96163 435
7 2BG 81080 453
8 3AG 70635 467
9 3BG 75106 461
10 GM 66592 473
11 SCG 166983 365
12 STG 98327 432

3.3 Karnataka State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Private Colleges

Given below is the closing rank and NEET score cut off for all reservation categories for the Semi government Quota seats in Private Medical Colleges.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 1G 92135 440
2 1H 103091 427
3 1K 120447 408
5 1R 120708 408
6 2AG 98220 432
7 2BG 89113 443
8 3AG 80688 454
9 3BG 81975 452
10 GM 80770 454
11 GMP-High 191405 346
12 GMP 117635 411
13 OPN-High 179343 355
14 OPN 29074 538
15 OTH 824413 110
16 SCG 189105 348
17 STG 118604 410

If you are on paid subscription on MBBSCouncil App, you can see NEET score/All India Closing Rank/ State Closing Rank/Category Closing Rank cut off for all government medical colleges and private medical colleges for Karnataka State Quota/Management Quota along with Tuition Fees details. Click to download MBBSCouncil Android App