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Telangana State MBBS candidates and parents would like to predict their change to get which types of medical college(government or private or deemed), quota (All India quota, State Quota, Category-A semi government quota, Management Quota, and NRI Quota), or a particular Telangana medical college. In this article, we will see how you can predict expected Telangana State quota NEET 2021 Cut off with highest possible accuracy.

1. Expected Telangana NEET 2021 Closing Rank Cut off

Comparing your NEET score with last year NEET score cut off for a particular quota will give least accuracy while predicting whether you have chance to get government colleges or semi government category -A MBBS seats in Telangana State counselling. This is mainly because question paper difficulty level as well as NEET student performance varies every year. So we recommend to use NEET All India Closing Rank or State Closing Rank or State Reservation Category Closing Rank of medical colleges while predicting your chance to get particular quota or particular Andhra Medical college.  If you use All India Rank for cut off prediction, then the data set size is 15+ lakhs, if you use State rank, it reduces to 50,000+(only Telangana students) and if you use your category rank, it further reduces the data set size to few thousands. Smaller the data seat higher the accuracy of prediction.  To know more about accuracy of NEET prediction, read How to Predict Medical Colleges for Your NEET Rank Accurately

1.1  NEET 2021 Result Data List

Telangana State Counselling Authority, Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences  released NEET 2021 Data Result List containing NEET 2021 scores of Telangana students who have given their native state as Telangana during the NEET registration.

Telangana State NEET Result List 2021

Telangana State NEET Result contains NEET Roll number, reservation category given during NEET application, NEET score and All India Rank.  The first column contains your Telangana state rank.

We can compare Telangana NEET 2021 Result List with NEET 2020 Result List to know how Telangana candidates have performed during 2021 NEET exam compared to previous year. This will help us to understand whether current year TS state quota cut off will increase or decrease compared to last year.

AIR 2020 Candidates 2021 Candidates
Below 10000 260 232
Below 50000 1187 867
Below 75000 1960 1532
Below 100000 2823 2347
Below 150000 4702 4349

Below 10000 All India Rank, we find 232 candidates from Telangana compared to 260 TS candidates last year. Telangana NEET 2021 students performance reduced little bit compared to the last year.  Similarly we find below 1,00,000 All India Rank, less Telangana candidates compared to last year. So we can be sure that this year NEET 2021 score cut off for Telangana is going to come down this year.

Lets predict how much NEET score it can decrease compared to last year by comparing Telangana state rank  of NEET 2021 and NEET 2020 Data Merit List. We have given predictions for Category -A MBBS Seats in private medical colleges of Telangana below.

Category AIR-2020 SR-2020 Score-2020 Score-2021 Difference
OC 89011 2438 497 480 17
BCA 162484 5186 420 418 2
BCB 101425 2868 483 469 14
BCC 147626 4605 434 429 5
BCD 93980 2597 491 477 14
BCE 117399 3453 465 454 11
EWS 77358 2051 511 492 19
SC 171264 5565 412 411 1
ST 133013 4042 449 441 8

We have given last year All India Closing Rank cut off for all reservation categories of Telangana category-A Government quota seats in Telangana State Counselling. For Open category, 2020 All India rank closing rank cut off was 89011,  the corresponding state closing rank was 2438 and NEET 2020 score cut off was 497.

We can predict this year NEET 2021 score cut off for Telangana by checking current year score for Telangana State Rank 2438. When we checked this year Telangana NEET 2021 result list,  for last year State Closing Rank 2438, we found NEET score as 480. So compared to last year, NEET score cut off is expected to decrease by 17 marks.

Similarly we have found cut off for all other Telangana reservation categories. for BC sub categories BCB, BCD and BCE and EWS we are expecting cut off to decrease by around 15 marks during 2021 Telangana State Counseling for semi government MBBS seats in Telangana Private Medical Colleges.

1.2 NEET 2021 Applied Candidate List

KNRUHS Released NEET 2021 Telangana State Applied Candidate List. It contains candidate NEET Roll number, NEET All India Rank, NEET Score, Applied Candidate Category and Local Region. Based on this data, we can get OU region state rank and category rank by omitting candidates from AU and SVU region. Based on the last year OU local region closing state rank and category rank, we can get expected NEET 2021 score cut off.

Category AIR 2020 SR2020 Score2020 Score2021 Difference
OC 89011 2383 497 478 19
BCA 162484 224 420 399 21
BCB 101425 580 483 463 20
BCC 147626 37 434 405 29
BCD 93980 375 491 474 17
BCE 117399 3364 465 452 13
EWS 77358 1992 511 489 22
SC 171264 493 412 420 -8
ST 133013 237 449 457 -8

Above, I have listed last year All India closing rank, OU region state closing rank and OU region category closing rank for Government Quota(Category-A) seats in Telangana. For OC category and EWS category OU region state rank is used and for other reservations category rank is used for prediction. For Example under BCC category, last year candidate with OU community rank 37 got seat under Category-A. His NEET score was 434. If we check the NEET score of candidate who secured OU category rank 37 in this year applied merit list, we get 405 NEET score. So this year we expect the NEET score cut off for BCC category to be around 405. decrease of 29 marks compared to last year.

Category ranks do not vary much every year as they are directly related to the number of MBBS seats available in that reservation category. So if your BCC category rank this year is less than 37 this year, you have very good chance to get Telangana govt quota MBBS seat.

1.3 NEET 2021 Verified Merit List

After Telangana State quota counselling registration and document verification, Kaloji Narayana University of Health Sciences released verified Telangana state merit list which contains All India Rank, NEET roll number, candidate region and reservation category. For local quota, calculate state merit rank neglecting other areas such as SVU and AU. You need to use combined State Rank and category rank if you are applying under non local quota.

Telangana 2021 Verified Merit List

If you belong to Open category or trying for management quota in Telangana State Counselling, then use state regional rank. For other reservation categories, you need to use corresponding category rank. If you find it difficult to calculate your regional rank or category rank, contact helpline 044-46313330 if you are on premium MBBSCouncil subscription.

You can get OU Region Rank and OU Region Category Rank, Non Local Rank and Non Local Category Rank  by entering your NEET Roll Number and All India Rank. Click State Rank Retriever to get your rank. If you are from Andhra Pradesh, use Non Local Rank and Non Local Category Rank for prediction.

Compare your rank with last year closing rank for all Telangana medical colleges by visiting “NEET cutoff” Menu from MBBSCouncil App. Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences Hyderabad cut off screen of the app is shown here for your reference.

Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences Hyderabad NEET cut off 2021 mbbscouncil

  • SQ denotes Telangana State Quota
  • BCA represents the reservation category
  • NL represents 15% non local quota
  • F represents Female quota
  • Last number denotes the counselling round
  • AIR represents All India Closing Rank
  • SR represents Telangana State Regional Closing Rank(OU Area Rank or Non Local Rank)
  • CR represents Telangana State Reservation Category Rank(OU Category Rank or Non Local Category Rank)

If you belong to BCA category from OU region and your BCA category rank is 270, you wouldn’t have got seat in Kamineni IMS Hyderabad during Ist round counselling as well as 2nd round counselling, but you would have got seat during third round. For Other region candidates(SVU or AU),  state category rank should be less than 165 to get into Kamineni Medical College Hyderabad during third round counselling.

Telangana Category Rank do not vary much every year during counselling as it is directly proportional to the number of MBBS seats available under that reservation category. If there are any new additional seats in Telangana Counselling, then category rank cut off for current year will proportionally increase compared to the number of seat increase for that particular reservation category.

After NEET 2021 verified list is released by Telangana Counselling authority, we can predict NEET 2021 cut off based on the OU region state ranks and OU region category ranks as well for ranks for Non local quota.

You can install MBBSCouncil Android App from google play store to get community rank cut off for all Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Medical colleges to predict which college you have chance to get for your OU community rank or Telangana State OU regional rank.

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2. Last Year NEET 2020 Cut off for Telangana Govt Colleges

2. 1 All India Quota NEET 2020 Cut off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 14824 612
2 OBC 11315 621
3 SC 80150 508
4 ST 75298 514

2.2 Telangana State Quota NEET 2020 Cut off – Government Colleges

Least preferred Government Medical College in Telangana state during 2020 was Government Medical College -Nalgonda followed by GMC-Suryapet.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff SR Cutoff CR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 58765/46732 2446/1770 536/553
2 BCA 123766/97448 6425/4894 411/278 458/487
3 BCB 71054/63574 3243/2748 550/467 519/529
5 BCC 127952/35392 6654/1202 95/16 454/571
6 BCD 72621/67954 3362/3042 494/447 517/523
7 BCE 84877/74280 4135/3448 284/233 502/515
8 EWS 72075 3328 518
9 SC 134319/119926 6972/6190 438/327 447/462
10 ST 104164/98879 5286/4973 157/131 479/485

The cut off given above is Local Cutoff / Non Local Cut off for all reservation categories. Second Column represents reservation category, Third column represents All India Closing Rank for government medical colleges. Third column represents Telangana State Closing Rank for local quota followed by non-local quota. Fourth Column represents Telangana State Category closing rank. Last column represents the corresponding NEET score cut off. For Example, If you belong to BCC category and your category rank is less than 95 , then you have good chance to get Telangana government medical colleges through TS state quota during current year counselling.

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2.3 Telangana State Quota NEET 2020 Cut off – Private Colleges

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OPN 257332 343
2 OC 89011/55240 497/541
3 BCA 162484/103750 420/480
4 BCB 101425/93684 483/492
5 BCC 147626 434
6 BCD 93980/76444 491/512
7 BCE 117399/116958 465/465
8 EWS 77358 511
9 SC 171264/154842 412/427
10 ST 133013/117009 449/465
11 MM 528623 199
12 NRI 810279 115

Last year NRI seats were converted to management quota seats during the last round counselling, the cut off for NRI CONVERTED Seats was AIR 815741.

If you want to know NEET score cut off for any government medical college or private medical colleges for Telangana State Quota/Management Quota along with Tuition Fees details, you can download MBBSCouncil Android App.

If you could not understand above category abbreviations, to know complete list of your state's quota and reservation categories, click here >>

How to Predict Your Chance With High Accuracy?

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3. Last Year NEET 2019 Cut off for Telangana Govt Colleges

3.1 All India Quota NEET 2019 Cut off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 12542 582
2 SC 72631 464
3 ST 61663 480

3.2 Telangana State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Government Colleges

Least preferred Government Medical College in Telangana state during 2019 was GMC-Nalgonda followed by GMC-Suryapet.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff SR Cutoff CR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 49071 2551 500
2 BCA 89725 5258 304 442
3 BCB 51356 2694 531 497
5 BCC 77946 4476 45 457
6 BCD 51508 2707 443 496
7 BCE 74933 4289 268 461
8 EWS 47180 2398 503
9 SC 103697 6106 397 426
10 ST 81843 4741 174 452

3.3 Telangana State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Private Colleges

S.No Category AIR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OPN 171312 362
2 OC 57588 486
3 BCA 112262 417
4 BCB 65623 474
5 BCC 104553 425
6 BCD 65616 474
7 BCE 93434 438
8 EWS 47180 503
9 SC 123387 405
10 ST 102646 427

If you are on paid subscription on MBBSCouncil App, you can see NEET score/All India Closing Rank/ State Closing Rank/Category Closing Rank cut off for all government medical college and private medical colleges for Telangana State Quota/Management Quota along with Tuition Fees details. Click to download MBBSCouncil Android App.

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