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The Tamil Nadu NEET cut off significantly increased for the past three years because of change in Tamil Nadu board syllabus and less repeaters appearing for the NEET exam. NEET score Cut off increased every year around 60 to 80 marks for all reservation categories. During NEET 2021, the cut off is expected to decrease by 25 to 35 marks for most of the reservation categories.

1. Expected Tamil Nadu NEET 2021 Closing Rank Cut off

The NEET score cut off depends on various factors such as

  • Difficulty level of NEET question paper compared to last year
  • Number of MBBS seat increase in TN medical colleges.
  • Performance of NEET aspirants

So we recommend to use your All India Closing Rank or Tamil Nadu State Closing Rank or Tamil Nadu State Reservation Category Closing Rank while predicting your chance to get particular quota or particular Tamil Nadu Medical college.  If you use All India Rank, then the data set size is 15+ lakhs, if you use Tamil Nadu State rank, it reduces to 50,000+ and if you use your State reservation category rank, it further reduces the data set size to few thousands. Smaller the data set higher the accuracy of prediction.

To know more about how to get best accuracy of NEET prediction, read How to Predict Medical Colleges for Your NEET Rank Accurately

1.1 Tamil Nadu State NEET Merit List:

After the NEET results are announced by National Testing Agency, based on the NEET score, state merit list will be prepared by Tamil Nadu Medical Counselling Authority. This state merit list contains your NEET registration number along with your Tamil Nadu state rank and Community Rank.

Tamil Nadu State Quota Category Merit List 2021

The first column contains your Tamil Nadu state rank and the last column contains your reservation category rank. You can use your NEET Roll number to search for your name and get the state rank and community rank if you belong to any reservation category. I will tell you how you can use these two ranks to predict medical college you have chance to get with better accuracy.

Separate Merit list will be released for 7.5% reservation for students who studied in Government Schools. Similarly for management quota, separate merit list will be released which contains only the state rank based on the candidate NEET score.

Compare your Tamil Nadu State rank with last year state closing rank for all Tamil Nadu medical colleges by visiting “NEET cutoff” Menu from MBBSCouncil App.  Dharmapuri Government Medical Colleges cut off screen of the app is shown here for your reference.

Tamil Nadu State quota NEET Cut off 2020

  • SQ denotes Tamil Nadu State Quota
  • BC represents Backward Class reservation category
  • BCM represents Backward Class Muslim reservation category
  • MBC – Most Backward Class reservation category
  • GS  – 7.5% Govt School Student Quota
  • Last number denotes the counselling round.
  • AIR represents All India Closing Rank
  • SR represents Tamil Nadu State Closing Rank
  • CR represents Tamil Nadu State Community Rank

If you belong to BC category from and your BC category rank is 1100, you wouldn’t have got seat in Dharmapuri Medical College during Ist round counselling, but you would have got seat during second round.

Tamil Nadu Category Rank do not vary much every year during counselling as it is directly proportional to the number of MBBS seats available under that reservation category. After NEET 2021 verified list is released by Tamil Nadu State Counselling authority, we will predict NEET 2021 cut off based on the state ranks and category ranks.

You can install MBBSCouncil Android App from google play store to get community rank cut off for all Tamil Nadu Medical colleges to predict which college you have chance to get for your community rank or State rank.

1.2  Impact of New Medical Colleges In NEET Cut off

Total Government Medical Colleges under Tamil Nadu State Quota Counselling till 2020= 23 +2 (Govt Aided)

Total Private Self-Financing Medical Colleges under TN State Counselling till 2020 = 12

New Government Medical College under Tamil Nadu State Quota During 2021 = 11

New Self-Financing Medical Colleges under TN State Counselling = 3

We can calculate expected NEET 2021 score cut off by using the last year category closing rank for government medical colleges. There is direct relationship between category rank and number of MBBS seats in that particular reservation category.  I have given last year MBBS Seats and category closing rank  for all reservation categories below.

2020 Seats 2021 New 2020 CR 2020Seat-VS-CR 2021CR 2021Score
OC 811 370 999 23.18% 1455 582
BC 667 315 1366 104.80% 2011 538
BCM 89 42 135 51.69% 198 507
MBC 518 238 689 33.01% 1006 506
SC 391 190 451 15.35% 670 426
SCA 76 25 82 7.89% 109 366
ST 26 11 27 3.85% 39 310

For government college MBBS, last year Community Rank cut off for Backward Class Reservation category was 1366. The total number of BC Government College MBBS Seats during last year was 611. It took nearly 1366 community rank to fill 667 seats.. almost double the number of seats.

If any MBBS seats are increased in current year due to approval of new medical colleges by National Medical Commission(NMC) or addition of MBBS Seats in existing Tamil Nadu government medical colleges, you can predict that the community rank cutoff can go up by twice the number of seats increased during the current year.

During 2021, 11 new government medical colleges will add 315 new MBBS seats under BC category. So the closing category rank will be 2011 for NEET 2021 Tamil Nadu state counselling.

Based on the Times of India report, we find that there is very small improvement in NEET performance from Tamil Nadu state students. So we can check last year NEET score for 2011 BC category rank which comes to 538. We expect NEET 2021 cut off for government medical colleges through Tamil Nadu state quota to be around 540, which is 23 marks less than last year.

If you want to know expected cut off for state quota in private medical colleges, then contact helpline 044-46313330 if you are on premium subscription.

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2. Last Year NEET 2020 Cut off for Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges

2.1 Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges NEET Cut off for All India Quota 2020

Last year NEET score Cut off for Government Medical Colleges located in Tamil Nadu through All India Quota Counselling conducted by Medical Counselling Committee is listed  below.

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 15038 611
2 SC 81121 507
3 ST 96759 488

If you want to know All India Counselling NEET score Cut off or tuition fees for any Medical College in India, you can use MBBSCouncil App by installing it from google play store.

2.2 NEET Cut off for Tamil Nadu State Quota 2020 for Govt Medical Colleges

Last year NEET score Cut off for Government Medical Colleges located in Tamil Nadu through Tamil Nadu State Quota Counselling conducted by Tamil Nadu Counselling Authority is listed  below

S.No Category SR Cutoff CR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 999 599
2 BC 2089 1364 563
3 BCM 3500 135 532
4 MBC 3521 689 531
5 SC 7698 451 456
6 SCA 11694 82 391
7 ST 13470 25 358

Least Preferred Medical College in Tamilnadu State Quota

The least preferred college among Tamil Nadu students is Pudukottai Govt medical College during last year Tamilnadu State Quota Counselling. Pudukottai Medical College was started during 2019.

Abbreviations Used:

  • AIR – All India Rank
  • SR – State Rank (Tamil Nadu Merit List Rank)
  • CR – Community Rank (Reservation Category)
  • OC (Open Category)
  • BC (Backward Class)
  • BCM (Backward Class Muslim)
  • MBC (Most Backward Class)
  • SC (Scheduled Caste)
  • SCA (Scheduled Caste Arunthathiyar)
  • ST (Scheduled Tribe)
  • OPN – Open Quota
  • MGMT – Management Quota

If you want to know Tamil Nadu State NEET Score Cut off / State Rank Cut off / Reservation Category Rank Cut off for any Medical College located in Tamil Nadu, you can use MBBSCouncil App by installing it from google play store. During counselling, it will help you to analyze which medical college you have good chance for your NEET Rank.

Predict Your Medical College Accurately

You need to use your state rank and state category rank to predict your chance to get a particular medical college. There is direct co-relation between number of MBBS seats in your reservation category and your NEET 2021 category rank. Install App to see last year state closing rank and last year category closing rank for all medical colleges. Enter your category rank in college predictor to see list of colleges you can get.

2.3 NEET Cut off for Tamil Nadu State Quota 2020 for Govt Quota in Self-Financing Medical Colleges

S.No Category SR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 2919 543
2 BC 4134 519
3 BCM 5349 496
4 MBC 5596 492
5 SC 10939 404
6 SCA 15129 325
7 ST 17131 281

If you want to know Tamil Nadu State Quota NEET Score Cut off / State Rank Cut off / Reservation Category Rank Cut off for any private Medical College located in Tamil Nadu, you can use MBBSCouncil App by installing it from google play store. Tuition Fees for Tamil Nadu state quota is approximately Rs 4 lakhs/year. OPN-MGMT means open management quota available in private medical colleges for which student from any Indian state are eligible to participate. Tuition fees for Open management quota is Rs 12.5 Lakhs/Year.

2.4 MBBS College Predictor for Tamil Nadu MBBS Seats:

You will know your All India Rank as well as NEET Score after the NEET results are released by the NTA. You will know your TN State Rank and your State Category Rank after the Tamil Nadu state merit list is issued by the Tamilnadu state counselling body. Using these rankings, you may use the college predictor feature in the MBBSCouncil Android app to see which Tamil Nadu medical colleges you have a possibility of getting into. This app may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or by clicking the link below.


After installing the app, go to the college prediction tool and enter your all India rank / state rank / state category rank to obtain a list of medical schools that you have a possibility to get based on previous year cut off trends of all Tamil Nadu medical institutions. When compared to the NEET score cutoff, using the All India Rank offers a superior prediction. Similarly, using the State Rank rather than All India Rank yields better results during prediction. When comparing State Rank to Category Rank, the category rank offers the most accurate forecast.

Using the MBBSCouncil app and knowing the seat vacancy matrix for the relevant round in Tamil Nadu State Counselling, you can predict your chances of getting a certain Tamil Nadu medical college in the 2nd or 3rd round based on past year patterns.

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All India Quota NEET 2019 Cut off

S.No Category AIR Cutoff NEET Cutoff
1 GN 12618 582
2 OBC 10578 589
2 SC 73493 463
3 ST 86625 446
4 MNQ 458041 203

Tamil Nadu State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Govt Medical Colleges

S.No Category SR Cutoff CR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 938 520
2 BC 2246 1437 470
3 BCM 2734 134 458
4 MBC 3776 714 435
5 SC 8536 462 360
6 SCA 13739 83 301
7 ST 16775 33 267

Tamil Nadu State Quota NEET 2019 Cut off – Private Medical Colleges

S.No Category SR Cutoff Score Cutoff
1 OC 2959 452
2 BC 4059 430
3 BCM 5225 408
4 MBC 5806 399
5 SC 11891 321
6 SCA 22219 209
7 ST 23314 197

College Wise NEET 2019 Cut off for All India Quota

During 2019 All India Quota counselling, NEET All India Rank Cut off as well as NEET score Cut off for all government medical colleges in Tamil Nadu is given below.

Government Medical College Name NEET AIR Cutoff NEET Score Cutoff
Madras Govt Medical College 1614 640
Stanley Medical College 4572 617
Coimbatore Govt Medical College 6315 607
Kilpauk Govt Medical College 7038 604
Madurai Govt Medical College 7560 601
Vellore Govt Medical College 7765 600
GMC AND ESIC Coimbatore 8225 598
Mohan Kumaramangalam Govt Medical College 8594 596
Tirunelveli Govt Medical College 8776 596
Kanyakumari Govt Medical College 9217 594
ESI Medical College Chennai 9321 594
Thanjavur Govt Medical College 9596 593
Chengalpattu Govt Medical College 9760 592
Theni Govt Medical College 9788 592
Omandurar Govt Medical College 9892 591
KAP Viswanathan Govt Medical College 10103 590
Thoothukudi Govt Medical College 10594 589
Dharmapuri Govt Medical College 10729 588
Villupuram Govt Medical College 11236 586
Thiruvarur Govt Medical College 11616 585
Thiruvannamalai Govt Medical College 11635 585
Sivagangai Govt Medical College 11738 585
Pudukottai Govt Medical College 11749 585
Karur Govt Medical College 11965 584
IRT Perundurai Medical College 12389 583
Rajah Muthiah Medical College 12618 582

If you are on paid subscription on MBBSCouncil App, you can see NEET score/All India Closing Rank/ State Closing Rank/Category Closing Rank cut off for all government medical college and private medical colleges for Tamil Nadu State Quota/Management Quota along with Tuition Fees details. Click to download MBBSCouncil Android App.