MBBS Tamil Nadu State Quota

For Tamil Nadu government medical colleges, 15% seats are reserved for All India Quota and the rest 85% seats are reserved for Tamil Nadu State Quota. There is no Management or NRI Quota in government medical colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu have state government quota, management quota (if college is Non minority institution) and NRI quota.

  • NRI Quota – 15%
  • Management Quota – 20%
  • State Govt Quota – 65%

For minority private medical colleges the percentage of seats are divided as follows.

  • NRI Quota – 15%
  • Minority Quota – 35%
  • State Govt Quota – 50%

Tuition Fees for Minority Quota is same as that of Management Quota tuition fees.

For CMC Vellore medical college the percentage of seats are divided as follows.

  • State Govt Quota – 50%
  • Management Quota – 50%

To know detailed seta distribution click this link Seat Distribution of CMC

PG Tamil Nadu State Quota

In case of NEET PG state quota counselling for government medical colleges, 50% seats are reserved for All India Counselling and rest 50% are reserved for Tamil Nadu State Quota.

For DNB Courses in Tamil Nadu government hospitals, 50% seats are reserved for All India Quota and the remaining 50% seat are reserved for Tamil Nadu In-service candidates. For DNB courses in private hospitals, 100% seats are available under All India Quota.

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Tamil Nadu Category Seat Reservations

  • Open Competition(OC) – 31%
  • Backward Class (BC) – 30%
    • Muslim (BCM) – 3.5%
  • Most Backward Class (MBC) – 20%
  • Scheduled Castes(SC) – 18%
    • Scheduled Caste Arunthathiyar (SCA) – 16% of 18% earmarked
  • Scheduled Tribes(ST) – 1%

Apart from the communal reservation, all reservation categories are also eligible for open competition as per their state rank.

For BC/BCM/MBC, community certificate should be obtained from Headquarters Deputy Tahsildar / Zonal Deputy Tahsildar / Deputy Tahsildar.

For SC/SCA, community certificate should be obtained from Tahsildar of Native Taluk of the applicant.

For ST, it should be obtained from Revenue Divisional Officer of the applicant’s place or Sub-Collector of their Districts (for Chennai, it should be P.A General to Collector of Chennai).

Government School 7.5% Quota

From admission year 2020, the Tamil Nadu state government implemented 7.5 percent horizontal reservation for Tamil Nadu students who studied in government schools. Under each reservation category, 7.5% seats are reserved for govt school students. This quota is applicable for state government quota in private medical colleges as well.

If candidates studied from 6th to 12th in Tamil Nadu government schools, they are eligible to claim 7.5 percent reservation. Those candidates who claim these seats, should submit bonafide certificate signed by the head of the institution last studied and the chief educational officer of the district covering all govt schools in which the candidate studied.

This government school reservation is applicable only for MBBS course and not applicable for PG and Super specialty courses.

Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges Quota Abbreviations

Quota Description
AIQ All India Quota in State Govt Colleges
OPQ Open Quota in Central Govt Colleges
SQ State Quota in Govt and Private Medical Colleges. Only State Domicile Eligible
MQ Management Quota in Private Colleges. Only State Domicile Eligible
OPN Open Management Quota in Private Colleges. Other state students can apply.
NRI Non Resident Indian Quota in Private Colleges and Deemed Universities
MNQ Management quota in Deemed Universities. All State Candidates Eligible

Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges Reservation Category Abbreviations

Category Description
OC Open Category
BC Backward Class Category
BCM Backward Class Muslim Category
MBC Most Backward Class
SC Scheduled Caste
SCA Schedule Caste Arunthathiyar
ST Scheduled Tribe
GS Government School
PH Physically Handicapped
DEF Defense
SPO Sports
IRT Indian Road Transport Ward Category
TM Telugu Minority. For Management Quota
MM Malayalam Minority. For Management Quota
CM Christian Minority. For Management Quota
MNG Management Category
NRI-Lapsed Unfilled NRI Lapsed Seat Converted to Management Quota
NRI-DU Deemed University NRI Category

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